CX 2017 Digest

In 2017, the Charing Cross Symposium completed another cycle of Controversies, Challenges and Consensus in the vascular and endovascular space. With a focus on Pathways of Care, the programme sought Consensus on its four major areas: Aortic, Peripheral, Venous, and Acute Stroke.

The CX 2017 Digest contains a summary of the key topics discussed at this year’s symposium with insights into the take-home messages by members of the CX Programme Organising Board.

As always, audience participation and interaction were important features of CX, and the CX 2017 Digest features the voting results from the four days of the symposium. Statistics highlighting attendance to the event are also available. In 2017 the Charing Cross Symposium recorded a strong attendance with 4,124 participants from 84 countries.