We are moving towards a more automated world where your patients’ data can help improve outcomes in your practice and beyond. This year’s CX Innovation Showcase will deep dive into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning within the vascular and endovascular field. In this CX 2020 Highlight Session, you will discover how AI can impact your practice and how this technology can help physicians make even more informed decisions.

CX Innovation Showcase AI programme

Thursday 23 April 2020

Chairing: Bob Mitchell, Las Vegas, United States and  Jan Heyligers, Tilburg,  Netherlands 

  • The essence of AI deep learning in vascular disease management explained
    Jan Heyligers, Tilburg, Netherlands
  • The impact of AI and deep learning on physicians’ daily practice
    Lars Lönn, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • AI deep learning innovation in vascular surgery  – Cydar
    Tom Carrell, Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • Lessons from an AI in medical imaging start-up – Incepto Medical
    Dominique Fabre, Paris, France

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