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Tuesday 28 April

London Room Learning Centre

A new approach to the diabetic patient’s treatment

Chairmen: Eric Ducasse, Bordeaux, France
Marco Manzi, Abano Terme, Italy

Marco Manzi, Abano Terme, Italy

Endovascular procedure in a diabetic patient: issues and current challenges
Eric Ducasse, Bordeaux, France

The Alvimedica polymer-free DES technology: rationale and key advantages
Enrico Maria Marone, Milan, Italy

Alvimedica DES technology for BTK lesions: my experience with Cre8 BTK
Dai-Do Do, Bern, Switzerland

Alvimedica DES technology for SFA lesions: the Nitides clinical programme
Dierk  Scheinert, Leipzig, Germany


Marco Manzi, Abano Terme, Italy