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Straub Medical

Wednesday 29 April

Olympia Room Learning Centre

See what you need to treat! – Unmasking the underlying cause of occlusions in arteries and veins

Chairman: Michael Lichtenberg, Arnsberg, Germany

Debulking + DEB: Combination therapy for SFA lesion treatment
Michael Lichtenberg, Arnsberg, Germany

Initial experience of Aspirex in the salvage of 28 occluded fistula access sites with substantial thrombus burden
Jules Dyer, Wolverhampton, UK

Successful recanalisation of venous occlusions with Aspirex®S mechanical thrombectomy
Thomas Heller, Rostock, Germany

Endovascular treatment of acute limb ischaemia: the transition from local thrombolysis to mechanical debulking
Samuel Heller, Prague, Czech Republic