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Medtronic Satellite Symposium

Tuesday 28 April

Medtronic Satellite Symposium

12:30-13:00 (Lunch break)

Towards standard of care for SFA patients: what is the evidence so far?

Chairman: Peter Schneider, Honolulu, United States

DCB in a real-world patient population: Insights from IN.PACT Global Study
Gunnar Tepe,
Rosenheim, Germany

Are all DCB equal? Lesson learned from pre-clinical and clinical experience
William Gray,
New York, United States

DCB economic value proposition: Insights from IN.PACT SFA trial
Adam Salisbury,
Kansas City, United States

Wednesday 29 April

Medtronic Satellite Symposium

12:30-13:00 (Lunch break)

Stent Graft Durability in challenging clinical scenarios

Chairman: Fabio Verzini, Perugia, Italy

Endurant stent graft clinical & economic performances at mid-term follow-up
Edward Woo,
Washington, United States

Endurant IIs has broadened stent graft applicability, without compromising on durability
Vincent Riambau,
Barcelona, Spain 

Performances of Valiant Captivia in type B aortic dissection: pros and cons
Ludovic Canaud,
Montpellier, France