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CX Imaging Day

Thursday 30 April – Olympia Room Learning Centre (Morning) and Exhibition Hall (Afternoon)

In 2015, the CX Imaging Day will provide a comprehensive programme on state-of-the-art imaging applied to the aorta, carotids, peripheral arteries and veins, including planning and using hybrid theatres, robotics, 3D fusion and guidance, intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), perfusion angiography, cone beam computed tomography (CT) and carbon dioxide angiography.

In the morning, attendees will hear the latest data on high-quality imaging and be able to discuss the different applications. During the afternoon, “Ask the expert” workshops are organised in the Exhibition Hall with visits to the imaging industry stands where physician experts in imaging will be giving demonstrations. Delegates will have the opportunity to learn in a hands-on learning environment about different imaging modalities focusing on sizing, 2D/3D fusion imaging and how to achieve optimal dose levels.

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Thursday, 30 April 2015

CX Imaging Day
Chairing: Barry Katzen, Miami, United States
Chairing: Stéphan Haulon, Lille, France
Carotid imaging 08:00-08:07 Carotid stenting in 2015 requires advanced imaging tools
Koen Deloose, Dendermonde, Belgium
08:07-08:12 Discussion 08:12-08:19 3D imaging in carotid procedures
Frank Vermassen, Ghent, Belgium
08:19-08:24 Discussion Peripheral arterial imaging 08:24-08:31 Predicting clinical outcome with perfusion angiography
Jim Reekers, Amsterdam, Netherlands
08:31-08:36 Discussion 08:36-08:43 MR based 3D imaging in peripheral vascular interventions
Jos van den Berg, Lugano, Switzerland
08:43-08:48 Discussion 08:48-08:55 When advanced imaging enters the field of complex lower limb disease management
Koen Deloose, Dendermonde, Belgium
08:55-09:00 Discussion 09:00-09:07 CO2 imaging used for contrast medium reduction
Ulf Teichgraeber, Jena, Germany
09:07-09:12 Discussion 09:12-09:19 Improving success rates in failed endovascular procedures: Results from the Registry of the Magellan Robotic System (ROVER Registry)
Jean Bismuth, Houston, United States
09:19-09:24 Discussion 09:24-09:31 Selective intra-arterial CT angiography (s-CTA) in lower extremity arterial occlusive disease
Anders Wanhainen, Uppsala, Sweden
09:31-09:36 Discussion Venous imaging 09:36-09:43 MR venography, CBCT and IVUS in deep venous interventions
Rick de Graaf, Maastricht, Netherlands
09:43-09:48 Discussion 09:48-09:55 Robotic retrieval of inferior vena cava (IVC) filters
Alan B Lumsden, Houston, United States
09:55-10:00 Discussion 10:00-10:30 COFFEE CX Imaging Day
Chairing: Richard McWilliams, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Chairing: Frans Moll, Utrecht, Netherlands
Aortic imaging 10:30-10:35 First time every time: Improving procedural predictability with robotic navigation and with 3D imaging
Alan B Lumsden, Houston, United States
10:35-10:40 Discussion 10:40-10:45 New integrated workflow for sizing, 2D/3D fusion, and assessment for EVAR
Stéphan Haulon, Lille, France
10:45-10:50 Discussion 10:50-10:55 The role of 2D/3D fusion imaging in complex aortic procedures
Guiseppe Panuccio, Münster, Germany
10:55-11:00 Discussion 11:00-11:05 3D imaging in complex aortic procedures
Jan Brunkwall, Koln, Germany
11:05-11:10 Discussion 11:10-11:15 3D imaging and robotic navigation in complex pathologies
Alan B Lumsden, Houston, United States
11:15-11:20 Discussion 11:20-11:25 3D guidance in FEVAR
Tara Mastracci, London, United Kingdom
11:25-11:30 Discussion 11:30-11:35 Fusion guided imaging for aortoiliac chronic total occlusion, a new horizon?
Klaus Overbeck, Sunderland, United Kingdom
11:35-11:40 Discussion 11:40-11:45 Benefits of completion CBCT to assess technical success right after EVAR
Stéphan Haulon, Lille, France
11:45-11:50 Discussion 11:50-11:55 Reducing overall radiation dose and contrast load for EVAR patients
Adrien Hertault, Lille, France
11:55-12:00 Discussion Hybrid rooms - high quality imaging in a sterile environment 12:00-12:05 Hybrid room issues, imaging, robotics and other rapidly evolving new areas
Rodney White, Torrance, United States
12:05-12:10 Discussion 12:10-12:15 Low dose imaging in hybrid operating environment for aortic procedures
Bijan Modarai, London, United Kingdom
12:15-12:20 Discussion 12:30-13:30 LUNCH Practical demonstrations
13:30-18:00 Company hosted programmes of hands-on training and practical demonstrations on the exhibition floor, using physician demonstrators and company staff Philips booth Philips demonstrators
Demonstrator: Femke Creemers, Best, Netherlands
Demonstrator: Karin Prins, Best, Netherlands
Demonstrator: Michelle Meeks, Best, Netherlands
Demonstrator: Stefanie Antonis-Klerks, Best, Netherlands
Demonstrator: Marianne Kwakernaat, Best, Netherlands
Physicians present
Demonstrator: Frank Vermassen, Ghent, Belgium
Demonstrator: Jim Reekers, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Programme 13:30-13:45 VesselNavigator: Learn all about the latest innovation in Live Image Guidance solutions 13:45-14:00 2D Perfusion: Get insight in the latest perfusion angiography solution 14:00-14:15 Veradius Unity: Experience the innovative vascular workflow of our newest C-arm with flat detector 14:15-14:30 How to build a Hybrid room: Considerations when purchasing a Hybrid room One hour programme above to be repeated at 14:30, 16:00 and 17:00 GE booth Physicians present
Demonstrator: Stéphan Haulon, Lille, France
Demonstrator: Adrien Hertault, Lille, France
13:30-14:30 EVAR procedures: From sizing to fusion 14:30-15:00 Achieving optimal dose levels 16:00-17:00 EVAR procedures: From sizing to fusion 17:00-17:30 Achieving optimal dose levels Siemens booth Physician present
Demonstrator: Dittmar Boeckler, Heidelberg, Germany
13:30, 14:30, 16:00 and 17:00: Adding smooth to smart in EVAR guidance The attendees will learn about new innovative tools to treat complex endovascular aortic repair cases with confidence. The new PURE Software for the Artis zeego enables a smooth workflow to use the innovative smart tools at the day of operation. From CT Vascular analyses over wireless ultrasound to 3D guidance during the procedure and 3D intra operational completion imaging our specialist will show step by step the complete workflow directly at our full functioning hybrid operating room.
Hansen booth 13:30-13:45 Clinical experiences with intravascular robotics
Barry Katzen, Miami, United States
14:30-14:45 The Magellan robotic system at Imperial College
Celia Riga, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom
Ziehm Imaging booth 14:00-14:30 The mobile interventional suite
Wolfgang Keller, Nuremberg, Germany
15:00-15:30 Clinical experiences with a mobile hybrid OR
Peter Goverde, Antwerp, Belgium
Volcano booth 16:00-16:20 Real time sizing and procedure assessment with reduced exposure and contrast
Fabrizio Fanelli, Rome, Italy
20 minute session above to be repeated at 16:30