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CX Meets Latin America

Tuesday 28 April – Olympia Room Learning Centre

For the third year running, the Charing Cross Symposium will be dedicating a session to showcase vascular and endovascular practice in Latin America. The course will highlight some of the most important issues surrounding treatment of aortic disease and peripheral arterial disease with case-based presentations.

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Tuesday 28 April 2015

Chairing: Juan Carlos Parodi, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Chairing: Frank Criado, Baltimore, United States
12:30-12:40 Lunch being served 12:40-12:45 Welcome and introduction by the chairmen 12:45-12:50 Challenging arch for TEVAR conformability
Osvaldo Castillo, Guadalajara, Mexico
12:50-12:55 Discussion 12:55-13:00 Management of patients with thoracic and aorto-iliac aneurysms
Fernando Monroy Melo, Cali, Colombia
13:00-13:05 Discussion 13:05-13:10 Correcting aortic coarctation after open surgery in complex aneurysm
Marcelo Mandelli, Florianopolis, Brazil
13:10-13:15 Discussion 13:15-13:20 Early results with a new off-the-shelf branched endograft for TAAA repairs: advantages and limitations
Pierre Galvagni Silveira, Florianopolis, Brazil
13:20-13:25 Discussion 13:25-13:30 Challenges in endovascular treatment from a cardiac surgeon's perspective
Eduardo Saadi, Porto Alegre, Brazil
13:30-13:35 Discussion 13:35-13:40 Brazilian registry of sandwich technique repairs for TAAA's: mid-term results and how they compare with results of fenestrated and branched repairs
Armando Lobato, Sao Paulo, Brazil
13:40-13:45 Discussion 13:45-13:50 Errors in endograft sizing and how they can influence outcomes: how to prevent them
Juan Carlos Parodi, Buenos Aires, Argentina
13:50-13:55 Discussion 13:55-14:00 GREAT - Global Registry for Endovascular Aortic Treatment
Tulio Navarro, BELO HORIZONTE, Brazil
14:00-14:05 Discussion 14:05-14:10 Challenging neck treatment (>10mm to 15mm, challenging angulation)
Luis Mariano Ferreira, Buenos Aires, Argentina
14:10-14:15 Discussion 14:15-14:20 Right-sided aortic arch and Kommerell’s diverticulum
Frank Criado, Baltimore, United States
14:20-14:25 Discussion 14:25-14:30 Session discussion Peripheral
Chairing: Alvaro Razuk, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Chairing: Jose Antonio Munoa, Chiapas, Mexico
14:30-14:35 DCB designed to minimise target lesion restenosis
Sidnei Galego, Santo Andre, Brazil
14:35-14:40 Discussion 14:40-14:45 DCB treatment in intrastent restenosis
Cesar Cuellar Cortes , Neiva, Colombia
14:45-14:50 Discussion 14:50-14:55 Treatment of CLI in diabetic patients
Jose Antonio Munoa, Chiapas, Mexico
14:55-15:00 Discussion 15:00-15:05 Medical treatment of subcritical limb ischaemia with Prostagladin E1
Alberto Munoz, Bogota, Colombia
15:05-15:10 Discussion 15:10-15:15 Sac behaviour after popliteal aneurysm with Viabahn
Alvaro Razuk, Sao Paulo, Brazil
15:15-15:20 Discussion CX Faculty Discussants
12:30-15:20 Faculty Discussant
Discussant: Colin Bicknell, London, United Kingdom
12:30-15:20 Faculty Discussant
Discussant: Jean Bismuth, Houston, United States
12:30-15:20 Faculty Discussant
Discussant: Paul Blair, Belfast, United Kingdom
12:30-15:20 Faculty Discussant
Discussant: Matt Thompson, London, United Kingdom