CX Live Peripheral Arterial Cases – SFA and popliteal

Wednesday 29 April – Grey Learning Centre

For the first time, the Charing Cross Symposium is launching the CX Live Case method with the CX Live Peripheral Arterial Cases session. With 12 live cases, delegates will have the opportunity to learn techniques of how to achieve best results related to topics discussed on the CX Peripheral Arterial Main Programme. There will be orientation to give evidence of outcomes wherever these are available. The cases will showcase the use of drug-coated balloons and provisional stenting, stenting of kink zones, vessel preparation with debulking devices and management of in-stent re-occlusions.


Click here to read an interview with Thomas Zeller, course director of the CX Live Peripheral Arterias Cases, who explains the details of this new sess

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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Course Director: Thomas Zeller, Bad Krozingen, Germany
Operator: Alijoscha Rastan, Bad Krozingen, Germany
Operator: Elias Noory, Bad Krozingen, Germany
Operator: Ulrich Beschorner, Bad Krozingen, Germany
Session 1 - Leaving nothing behind 10:30-13:30
Chairing: Giovanni Torsello, Muenster, Germany
Discussant: Peter Schneider, Honolulu, United States
Discussant: Jim Reekers, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Case 1: Stellarex drug-coated balloon :- Drug-coated balloon treatment and provisional stenting of a TASC B superficial femoral artery lesion
Jos van den Berg, Lugano, Switzerland
Fabrizio Fanelli, Rome, Italy
Case 2: Silverhawk or Turbohawk and IN.PACT Admiral or IN.PACT Pacific :- Silverhawk-Atherectomy and drug-eluting balloon treatment of a superficial femoral artery TASC B/C lesion
Fabrizio Fanelli, Rome, Italy
Michael Jaff, Boston, United States
Case 3: Jetstream atherectomy catheter and Ranger drug-eluting balloon :- Atherectomy and drug coated balloon treatment of a calcified superficial femoral artery lesion
Steve Henao, Albuquerque, United States
Case 4: Turbohawk and drug-eluting balloon :- Atherectomy and drug coated balloon treatment of the common femoral artery
Fabrizio Fanelli, Rome, Italy
Konstantinos Katsanos, London, United Kingdom
Session 2 - Where stents are unavoidable or beneficial 13:30-16:00
Chairing: Iris Baumgartner, Bern, Switzerland
Discussant: Michael Jaff, Boston, United States
Discussant: Robert Morgan, London, United Kingdom
Case 5: Zilver PTX (New release system) :- Drug-eluting stent in a TASC C superficial femoral artery lesion
Michael Dake, Stanford, United States
Case 6: SUPERA :- Popliteal lesion eccentric or calcified
Peter Goverde, Antwerp, Belgium
Firas Mussa, New York, United States
Case 7: SUPERA and provisional re-entry device (Outback) :- Calcified superficial femoral artery chronic total occlusion
Peter Goverde, Antwerp, Belgium
Firas Mussa, New York, United States
Case 8: Drug-eluting balloon and SmartFlex stent :- Distal superficial femoral artery lesion likely to respond insufficiently entirely to drug-eluting balloon pre-treatment
Eric Ducasse, Bordeaux, France
Peter Goverde, Antwerp, Belgium
Session 3 - Where stents are unavoidable or beneficial and in-stent restenosis treatment 16:00-18:00
Chairing: Frans Moll, Utrecht, Netherlands
Discussant: Barry Katzen, Miami, United States
Discussant: Iris Baumgartner, Bern, Switzerland
Case 9: Jetstream atherectomy device and Innova bare metal stent :- TASC B calcified femoro popliteal lesion atherectomy and bare metal stent
Steve Henao, Albuquerque, United States
Case 10: Biosensors sirolimus-eluting balloon and BioMimics stent :- TASC B distal superficial femoral artery lesion, drug-eluting balloon and provisional stenting
Peter Gaines, Sheffield, United Kingdom
Stephen Williams, Baltimore, United States
Case 11: Plain old balloon angioplasty and heparin-bonded contoured-edge Viabahn :- Sealing superficial femoral artery in-stent restenosis with an endoprosthesis
Darren Schneider, New York, United States
Michel Reijnen, Arnhem, Netherlands
Case 12: Rotarex and IN.PACT Pacific :- Superficial femoral artery in-stent re-occlusion, mechanical thrombectomy followed by drug-eluting balloon
Samuel Heller, Prague, Czech Republic