CX 2020 Aortic Consensus Update

The CX 2020 Aortic Programme will focus on Consensus in all areas of aortic disease management. The programme will include three days of aortic activities: CX Aortic Techniques & Technologies, Abdominal Aortic Plenary Programme, Thoracic Aortic Plenary Programme, CX Aortic Global Stars and Rising Stars and Abstracts. Below are the reasons why you should not miss this year’s Aortic Programme.

CX Abdominal Aortic Consensus Update ‒ Plenary Programme
Wednesday, 22 April

  • Preoperative consensus considerations, with AAA GetFit, LIMIT and TEDY trial results
  • Abdominal Aortic Podium 1st Session, including new data for low-profile stent grafts, and the use of andoanchors in a challenging seal zone
  • Highlight Session: Durability of EVAR, sac diameter and NICE guidelines consensus, including aortic collaborations in progress, and featuring a live case transmission on how to overcome challenges in standard cases with a low-profile stent graft
  • CX Debates: The size threshold for repair of any iliac artery aneurysms should be 4cm; and AAAs will large diameter infrarenal neck (>28mm) should be treated with fenestrated endovascular, not standard endovascular repair
  • Centralisation and emergency EVAR consensus

CX Thoracic Aortic Consensus Update ‒ Plenary Programme
Thursday, 23 April 

  • Aortic arch consensus, including chimney on-the-table fenestration and in-situ fenestration technique, options for left subclavian branch, and feasibility of endovascular arch repair post type A dissection
  • Aortic arch aneurysms: Total endovascular, hybrid, open and frozen elephant trunk – which is the best and when
  • Stroke from Thoracic Endovascular Procedures (STEP): The value of DW MR imaging to reduce stroke – Paris and Hamburg combined arch reconstruction experience
  • Thoracic Aortic Podium 1st Session, including wrapping of the ascending aorta as an option for acute type A dissections
  • Highlight Session on type B dissection consensus

CX Aortic Techniques & Technologies (edited cases)
Tuesday, 21 April

  • Three-vessel arch branch repair
  • Tips and tricks to occlude the false lumen during endovascular repair of arch dissecting aneurysms with branched endografts
  • The Aortic Team – doing the right things in equipoise between surgical, hybrid and endovascular techniques
  • Innovation in 3D device guidance through fibre optic technology
  • Benefit of contrast-enhanced transoesophageal echography during extensive TEVAR to reduce contrast and radiation exposure

NEW Optimal results by clinicians alongside clinical scientist imaging experts
Tuesday, 21 April

  • Cardiac rhythm teasers
  • Timed cardiac 3D CT assessment of aortic and mitral valves
  • Carotid bifurcation intervention able with 3D knowledge of plaque extent and type

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