CX 2023 Presentation Guidelines

In-person faculty: Preparing your presentation

To facilitate consistency and to ensure readability of slides, please observe the following guidance:
Download PowerPoint template here

  • Please download the template below
  • If you do not use the template provided, please ensure the slides are formatted for a 16:9 ratio screen (not 4:3), as per the template
  • Add your institution logo to the bottom-right of the first slide
  • The CX logo must remain on the bottom-left of the slide, as per the template
  • Use the default blue font for text on all slides, as per the template. This will ensure content can be read easily against the blue background
  • If an additional colour is needed alongside the blue, think about the other colour fonts and ensure they’re not too hard to read against the blue background
  • Avoid decreasing the font size below 24 as it will be too hard to read
  • Important: Enter the filename as ‘First name Last name – 1’ (the number applies if you have more than one talk)
  • Save as a PowerPoint file (.PPTX) please make sure that all additional material used in the presentation, images, charts videos have been embedded into the PowerPoint file before sending

Please note we recommend visiting the Speaker ready room when on-site to confirm with the AV team that you are happy ahead of your presentations.