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CX Vascular Access Techniques & Technologies (Edited Cases) - Thursday, 18th April
Venue:   Vascular Access Workshop
Time: 09:00 - 10:00
CX Vascular Access Edited cases
Time: 09:00 - 10:00
Chairing:   Nicholas Inston, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Domenico Valenti, London, United Kingdom
09:00 - 09:20
The Ellipsys procedure for endo AVF
Speaker:   Jeffrey Hull, North Chesterfield, United States
09:20 - 09:40
Using WavelinQ for fistula creation
Speaker:   Panagiotis Kitrou, Patras, Greece
09:40 - 10:00
Revision of cephalic arch stenosis with a covered endoprosthesis
Speaker:   Daniel Patel, Daytona, United States
CX Vascular Access Workshop
Venue:   Vascular Access Workshop
Time: 09:00 - 16:00
Assessment of vascular access
USS stations with patients
Demonstrator:   Domenico Valenti, London, United Kingdom
Kate Sommerville, London, United Kingdom
Annette Quinn, London, United Kingdom
Nicola Milburn, London, United Kingdom
Emily Hillier, London, United Kingdom
Nicholas Zakikhani, London, United Kingdom
Phil Hickman, London, United Kingdom
Fist Assist for vein enhancement
Demonstrator:   Tej Singh, Los Altos Hills, United States
Piur Tomographic ultrasound
Demonstrator:   Gurdeep Jandu, Bolton, United Kingdom
Techniques in vascular access
Ellipsys EndoAVF System
Demonstrator:   Alexandros Mallios, Paris, France
WavelinQ 4F Endo AVF
Demonstrator:   Panagiotis Kitrou, Patras, Greece
Arne Beutler, Karlsruhe, Germany
Management of AV fistula/graft stenosis with stent grafts
Demonstrator:   David Kingsmore, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Surgical techniques: Snuffbox fistula creation
Demonstrator:   Giambattista Gagliardo, Palermo, Italy
Surgical techniques: Radiocephalic AVF
Demonstrator:   Teun Wilmink, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Surgical techniques: Brachiocephalic AVF
Demonstrator:   Hiren Mistry, London, United Kingdom
Surgical techniques: Brachiobasilic AVF
Demonstrator:   Melanie Field, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Grafts - techniques for EC grafts
Demonstrator:   Sapan Desai, Arlington Heights, United States
Jaguar Support Catether - Micro Cathether
Demonstrator:   Murat Katitas, Ankara, Turkey
Complex access
Demonstrator:   James Gilbert, Oxford, United Kingdom
Advance Enforcer 35 - A scoring balloon for dialysis access
Demonstrator:   Lynne Teece, Altrincham, United Kingdom
Maxine Brown, Altrincham, United Kingdom
Anders Bro, Bjaeverskov, Denmark
Stents and stent grafts for vascular access
Demonstrator:   Matteo Barattini, La Spezia, Italy
Dialysis made simple
Dialysis central venous catheters workshop
Demonstrator:   Haimanot Wasse, President of ASDIN, Chicago, United States
Fistula cannulation - It's not that easy!
Demonstrator:   Karen Tullett, Birmingham, United Kingdom
USS-guided cannulation
Demonstrator:   Aurangzaib Khawaja, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Plastic cannulas for dialysis
Demonstrator:   Zoe Roberts, Sheffield, United Kingdom
Amardeep Gill, Kempston, United Kingdom
Complications of access
Treatment strategies with prosthetic vascular access and future prospects
Demonstrator:   Matteo Tozzi, Varese, Italy
High flow and steal: Preserving the access
Demonstrator:   Karl Illig, Tampa, United States
Thrombosis, thrombolysis and thrombectomy
Demonstrator:   Kate Steiner, Stevenage, United Kingdom
Jason Wilkins, London, United Kingdom
Robert Jones, Birmingham, United Kingdom
CATD: Power aspiration with Indigo System
Demonstrator:   Andrea Unger, Hamburg, Germany
USS guided angioplasty
Demonstrator:   Olivier Pichot, Grenoble, France