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iWounds - Wednesday, 22nd April
Venue:   London Room Learning Centre
iWounds Consensus
Challenges and solutions of providing evidence-based leg ulcer care
Speaker:   Leanne Atkin, Wakefield, United Kingdom
The development process for an integrated cross-sectoral collaborative approach to wound care - the development and delivery of the Manchester Amputation Reduction Strategy (the MARS Project)
Speaker:   Naseer Ahmad, Manchester, United Kingdom
Competence levels in wound care - a German National Expert Consensus Statement
Speaker:   Martin Storck, Karlsruhe, Germany
Results from the national vascular trainee collaborative GIVE (Groin wound Incisions after Vascular Exposure) audit
Speaker:   Ruth Benson, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Enhancing the understanding of ulcerations through physical exam
Speaker:   Nicole Kaiser, Delran, United States
Diabetic foot ulcers
The need for integrated care in the management of diabetic foot ulcers
Speaker:   William Jeffcoate, Nottingham, United Kingdom
The impact of an integrated diabetic foot MDT clinic on time to intervention, limb salvage, amputation-free survival, and healthcare costs
Speaker:   Dominic Howard, Oxford, United Kingdom
Wound care is important for CLI: Overview from a wound care specialist's point of view
Speaker:   Marianne Brodmann, Graz, Austria
Free flap microsurgical reconstruction in diabetic foot
Speaker:   Arvind Mohan, London, United Kingdom
"Spare parts" reconstruction in diabetic foot
Speaker:   Joseph Shalhoub, London, United Kingdom
Coffee break
Oxygen therapy
Consensus on topical oxygen therapy: The role of oxygen in wound healing
Speaker:   Paul Hayes, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Role of oxygenating spray for the treatment of chronic wounds
Speaker:   Paul Chadwick, London, United Kingdom
The efficacy of topical oxygen in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers: Results of a randomised clinical trial
Speaker:   Thomas Serena, Warren, United States
Venous leg ulcers
Central vein pathology and venous leg ulcers - anticoagulation and recurrent wounds
Speaker:   William Ennis, Chicago, United States
The role of infection in venous ulcer patients - implications for treatment and medical resource utilisation
Speaker:   Thomas O'Donnell, Boston, United States
New technology and materials
Sucrose octasulphate dressing
Speaker:   Michael Edmonds, London, United Kingdom
New bioinspired material that interacts with surrounding tissues to promote would healing
Speaker:   Ben Almquist, London, United Kingdom
Speaker:   Frances Game, Derby, United Kingdom
EDX110 - a nitric oxide generating medical device
Speaker:   Michael Edmonds, London, United Kingdom
Biotherapy services
Speaker:   Sandip Sarkar, London, United Kingdom