This CX Programme is subject to change.

Peripheral Arterial Podium 1st Session - Thursday, 23rd April
Venue:   Lower Main Auditorium
Podium 1st: ZILVERPASS 24-month results
Speaker:   Marc Bosiers, Dendermonde, Belgium
Podium 1st: Absence of long-term benefit revascularisation in claudicants - five-year results from the IRONIC randomised trial
Speaker:   TBA
Podium 1st : IN.PACT BTK European study: First presentation of the nine-month primary outcomes
Speaker:   Antonio Micari, Palermo, Italy
Podium 1st: Mid-term follow-up, safety and efficacy of patients treated with a rotational atherectomy device
Speaker:   Sorin Giusca, Weinheim, Germany
Podium 1st: Drug-eluting stent global data analysis - which patients get better and which do not
Speaker:   Gary Ansel, Columbus, United States
Podium 1st: ILLUMENATE trial four-year results - safety and efficacy data
Podium 1st: SAVER full cohort: Real-world data of 1,000 patients treated with a drug-coated balloon
Podium 1st: MIMICS-2 study three-year results
Podium 1st: Value of a new balloon-expandable stent graft in treating challenging aortoiliac occlusive lesions: Three-year results, advantages and limitations
Speaker:   TBA