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Peripheral Critical Ischaemia Consensus - Thursday, 23rd April
Venue:   Lower Main Auditorium
Peripheral Arterial Podium 1st Session
Podium 1st: ZILVERPASS 24-month results
Speaker:   Marc Bosiers, Dendermonde, Belgium
Podium 1st: Absence of long-term benefit revascularisation in claudicants - five-year results from the IRONIC randomised trial
Speaker:   TBA
Podium 1st : IN.PACT BTK European study: First presentation of the nine-month primary outcomes
Speaker:   Antonio Micari, Palermo, Italy
Podium 1st: Mid-term follow-up, safety and efficacy of patients treated with a rotational atherectomy device
Speaker:   Sorin Giusca, Weinheim, Germany
Podium 1st: Drug-eluting stent global data analysis - which patients get better and which do not
Speaker:   Gary Ansel, Columbus, United States
Podium 1st: MIMICS-2 study three-year results
Podium 1st: Value of a new balloon-expandable stent graft in treating challenging aortoiliac occlusive lesions: Three-year results, advantages and limitations
Speaker:   TBA
Coffee and visit to hands-on workshops
Ilegx consensus
Critical limb ischaemia is being underdiagnosed and undertreated
Speaker:   Jos van den Berg, Lugano, Switzerland
Current era outcomes of prosthetic bypass grafting to below the knee targets
Speaker:   Matthew Menard, Boston, United States
Guidelines to support CLTI studies and evaluation
Speaker:   Misti Malone, Silver Spring, United States
National variation in the incidence of major amputation in diabetes
Speaker:   William Jeffcoate, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Outcome of revascularisation for chronic limb-threatening limb ischaemia can be predicted
Speaker:   Marten Falkenberg, Gothenburg, Sweden
Increased reintervention rates in women following infrainguinal revascularisation for chronic limb-threatening ischaemia
Speaker:   Jade Hiramoto, San Francisco, United States
The results of microbubbles-enhanced thrombolytic therapy in treatment of acute peripheral arterial disease and future perspectives
Speaker:   Kak Khee Yeung, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Lunch and visit to hands-on workshops
Consensus on optimum method of assessing ischaemia in the lower limb
Trancutaneous TCPo2
Speaker:   Robert Hinchliffe, Bristol, United Kingdom
Value of toe pressures and toe/brachial index
Speaker:   Chris Manu, London, United Kingdom
Perfusion as a new concept to predict outcome after revascularisation in limb ischaemia
Speaker:   Jim A. Reekers, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Perfusion analysis of the foot in patients with critical limb ischaemia before and after revascularisation and predictive value on amputation-free survival (The DELTA-PERF Study)
Speaker:   Adrien Hertault, Lille, France
The angiosome concept
CX Debate: The angiosome revascularisation concept is logical and influences patient outcomes

For the motion
Maarit Venermo, Helsinki, Finland

Against the motion
Enrico Ascher, New York, United States

Techniques for CLI intervention
Patient selection for deep venous arterialisation in small artery disease
Speaker:   Roberto Ferraresi, Milan, Italy
Preoperative testing for silent coronary ischemia using coronary CT angiography-derived fractional flow reserve (FFRct) may reduce postoperative myocardial infarction and cardiovascular death in patients needing lower-extremity revascularisation
Speaker:   Dainis Krievins, Riga, Latvia
TOBA II BTK trial six-month results and the rationale for dissection repair
Speaker:   TBA
Foot plantar arch recanalisation - why, when and how
Speaker:   Lorenzo Patrone, London, United Kingdom
Tea and visit to hands-on workshops
Techniques for CLI intervention (continued)
Update on stenting for tibial disease - current technology and potential for future opportunities
Speaker:   Brian DeRubertis, Los Angeles, United States
Techniques for successful open surgical reconstruction for CLI
Speaker:   Matthew Menard, Boston, United States
The endpoint to take in consideration for below the knee study and that can really assess the efficacy of drug coated balloon - do we still need repeat angiography?
Speaker:   Francesco Liistro, Arezzo, Italy
Retrograde rendezvous approach to tibial chronic total occlusions: An Asian perspective
Speaker:   Andrew Choong, Singapore, Singapore
Infrapopliteal directional atherectomy: Safe, effective and a game-changer for limb salvage
Speaker:   TBA
Longer follow-up for our patients with PAD who have had interventions is needed
Speaker:   TBA