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CX Vascular Access Global Stars & Rising Stars and Abstract Presentations - Tuesday, 21st April
Venue:   Vascular Access Workshop
Vascular Access Global Stars and Rising Stars
Chairing:   TBA
The SONAR study update
Speaker:   Gavin Pettigrew, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Factors affecting the primary functional maturation of autogenous radiocephalic arteriovenous fistula
Speaker:   Hailei Li, Shenzhen, China
Could endovascular AV fistulae be a step in the right direction? Our experience with new 4Fr device
Speaker:   Giovanni Coniglio, Catania, Italy
Follow up flow analysis of percutaneously created arteriovenous fistulas and cannulation sites
Speaker:   Aurangzaib Khawaja, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Maturation of EndoAVF for haemodialysis
Speaker:   Jeffrey Hull, North Chesterfield, United States
Multicentre experience with an external scaffold for upper arm and forearm arteriovenous fistula creation
Speaker:   Robert Shahverdyan, Hamburg, Germany
Mid-term results of percutaneous arteriovenous fistula (pAVF) creation - update on the technique and algorithm of pAVF maintenance
Speaker:   Alexandros Mallios, Paris, France
Outcome analysis of 150 early cannulation grafts: Single-centre experience
Speaker:   Mukesh Kumar Garg, Doncaster, United Kingdom
Our experience with VA grafts in selected haemodyalisis patients
Speaker:   Gaspar Mestres, Barcelona, Spain
Use of a system and approach to obtain central venous access in patients with thoracic central venous obstruction: Results from the saveus prospective, multicentre IDE study
Speaker:   Ehab Sorial, Los Gatos, United States
Avoiding CVC: How early cannulation grafts can decrease complications and improve patient care
Speaker:   Ignacio Hernandez Lahoz, Pontevedra, Spain
Vascular Access Abstract Presentations
Arterio-arterial loop graft creation for haemodialysis in patients who have exhausted conventional access (S)
Speaker:   Mohammad Raffat Jaber, Long Beach, United States
Posterior segmental patch angioplasty for non-maturing venous dialysis access (S)
Speaker:   Mohammad Raffat Jaber, Long Beach, United States
Safety and efficacy of infraclavicular arterio-arterial chest wall prosthetic loop graft for haemodialysis access. A review of 45 patients (T)
Speaker:   Ahmed Khairy Allam, Benha, Egypt
Comparative outcome of patch angioplasty vs. balloon angioplasty after surgical thrombectomy of thrombosed arteriovenous haemodialysis graft: 18-month results (T)
Speaker:   Ahmed Khairy Allam, Benha, Egypt
Intravascular ultrasound imaging (IVUS) for cephalic arc stenosis of arteriovenous fistulae for haemodialysis access (T)
Speaker:   Valeria Tavolini, Asti, Italy
What impact do different background factors have for receiving an arteriovenous fistula as the first access for haemodialysis. A national audit (S)
Speaker:   Gunilla Welander, Karlstad, Sweden
Stent grafts for the treatment of recurrent cephalic arch stenosis in haemodialysis accesses (S)
Speaker:   Tobias Steinke, Krefeld, Germany
Long-term outcome after inside-out access procedure for effective placement of venous catheters in patients with thoracic central venous obstruction (S)
Speaker:   Tobias Steinke, Krefeld, Germany
A re-entry device for endovascular recanalisation of central venous occlusions associated with failing haemodialysis access (S)
Speaker:   Yohan Kwon, Suwon, South Korea
Balloon-assisted maturation of autogenous arteriovenous fistulae; clinical efficacy and complications: Randomised prospective study (S)
Speaker:   Mosaad Soliman, Mansoura, Egypt
Radial thrill is a reliable predictor of maturation of forearm radiocephalic arteriovenous fistula (S)
Speaker:   Ajay Dabas, Bengaluru, India
Ruptured arteriovenous fistula for haemodialysis with infection. Ligate or save It? (S)
Speaker:   Adel Kamhawy, Tanta, Egypt
The application of artificial intelligence in the recognition of a stenotic vs. non stenotic lesion in autogenous arteriovenous fistula: A pilot study (T)
Speaker:   Ali Kordzadeh, Broomfield, United Kingdom
VasQ support device is associated with improved postoperative vein diameter in radio-cephalic arteriovenous fistula (S)
Speaker:   Filippo Benedetto, Messina, Italy
Ultrasound-guided mechanical thromboaspiration of acute thrombosis of dialysis arteriovenous fistulae and grafts: Preliminary results from a single-centre experience (S)
Speaker:   Maria Antonella Ruffino, Turin, Italy
Survival rate and management of vascular access: Prospective analysis of the population of a single centre (S)
Speaker:   Matteo Tozzi, Varese, Italy
Drug-coated balloon and plain old balloon angioplasty for venous outlet stenosis of dysfunctional haemodialysis arteriovenous graft: A single-centre randomised controlled study (S)
Speaker:   Ta-Wei Su, Taoyuan, Taiwan
Pattern of failure in single-stage transposed brachio-basilic arteriovenous fistula (S)
Speaker:   Ajay Dabas, Bengaluru, India