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CX Venous Global Stars & Rising Stars and Abstract Presentations - Wednesday 22nd April - Thursday, 23rd April
Venue:   Venous Workshop
Venous Global Stars and Rising Stars
Five-year experience with comparative results and effectiveness of cyanoacrylate closure versus radiofrequency ablation in the treatment of venous insufficiency
Speaker:   Fatih Islamoglu, Bornova, Turkey
Podium 1st: Estimating the extent of postthrombotic iliocaval obstructions prior to endovascular recanalisation - a comparison of different imaging modalities
Speaker:   Oliver Schlager, Vienna, Austria
The saphenous vein must be spared for arterial conduit in varicose vein treatment
Speaker:   Alberto Muñoz, Bogotá, Colombia
The use of liquid embolic system for the treatment of pelvic venous insufficiency
Speaker:   TBA
SPECTRUM post market study design
Speaker:   Kathleen Gibson, Bellevue, United States
Impact of stent structure and in-stent-stenosis on venous flow
Speaker:   Houman Jalaie, Aachen, Germany
Technical properties of nitinol: The role of venous stenting
Speaker:   TBA
Duplex assessment of neovalves and artificial vein valves
Speaker:   Raghu Kolluri, Columbus, United States
Case-control study on the frequency of both pelvic vein incompetence and pelvic varices in women with chronic pelvic pain
Speaker:   Charles McCollum, Manchester, United Kingdom
Stent design evaluation - less material better the results - data from Aachen animal study
Speaker:   Houman Jalaie, Aachen, Germany
Patency rates, safety and clinical results in the treatment of chronic iliofemoral venous outflow obstruction - data from the Arnsberg venous registry
Speaker:   Michael Lichtenberg, Arnsberg, Germany
The prevalence of deep vein thrombosis in patients receiving extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation in critical care
Speaker:   Steven Rogers, Manchester, United Kingdom
Technical issues, migration, jailing and penetration after deep venous stenting
Speaker:   Houman Jalaie, Aachen, Germany
The role of an angioplasty balloon in opening a chronic venous obstruction
Speaker:   Gerard O’Sullivan, Galway, Ireland
IVC filters - who are the patients that benefit the most
Speaker:   Richard McWilliams, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Modified protocol of one extra drop endovenous cyanoacrylate made a statistical difference in two years’ closure rate in great saphenous vein ≥8mm in diameter
Speaker:   Yiu Che Chan, Hong Kong, China
Venous Abstract presentations
Is a new combined treatment with laser 980nm in the proximal GSV and foam sclerotherapy at the distal GSV is useful nowadays to treat the venous incompetence of the lower extremities? (S)
Speaker:   Rebeca Reachi Lugo, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Effectiveness of hybrid management in cancer-related iliofemoral deep vein thrombosis (S)
Speaker:   Ali Baran Budak, Ankara, Turkey
Reducing hyperpigmentation After Sclerotherapy (RHyAS) Study: Results of a multicenter, randomized, controlled, clinical trial (S)
Speaker:   Alejandro Jose Gonzalez Ochoa, Sonora, Mexico
Surgical management of inferior vena cava tumour thrombus in renal cell carcinoma (S)
Speaker:   Vladislav Treska, Plzen, Czech Republic
Mid-term results of using novel radial fibres for endovenous laser ablation (S)
Speaker:   Hovsep Manjikian, Moscow, Russia
Quality of life after catheter-directed thrombolysis and standard anticoagulation for iliofemoral deep vein thrombosis (T)
Speaker:   Jithin Jagan Sebastian, Chennai, India
Contralateral deep vein thrombosis after stenting across the iliocaval confluence in chronic venous disease - a systematic review (T)
Speaker:   Luis Gamas, Porto, Portugal
Reducing hyperpigmentation after sclerotherapy (RHyAS) study: Results of a multicentre, randomised, controlled, clinical trial (S)
Speaker:   Alejandro Jose Gonzalez Ochoa, St. Louis, Mexico
Does BMI affect patient satisfaction after varicose vein surgery? (T)
Speaker:   Amr Abdelhaliem, Derby, United Kingdom
The relation between strain-gauge plethysmography, duplex ultrasound and clinical severity in patients with isolated great saphenous vein incompetence (T)
Speaker:   Oskar Nelzen, Linköping, Sweden
Is the Villalta scale disease specific for post thrombotic syndrome? (T)
Speaker:   Kemal Kemal, London, United Kingdom
EPS: A new aetiology-based classification of preclinical saphenous vein insufficiency (S)
Speaker:   Johann Christoph Ragg, Berlin, Germany
Mechanochemical vs. thermal ablation of great saphenous veins: Three-year results of a randomised controlled trial (S)
Speaker:   Sari Vahaaho, Espoo, Finland
Increasing complexity of open reconstruction for benign superior vena cava syndrome in the era of endovascular first intervention (S)
Speaker:   Manju Kalra, Rochester, United States
Emerging importance of molecular pathogenesis of vascular malformations in clinical practice and classifications (T)
Speaker:   Calver Pang, London, United Kingdom
Iliac vein stenting in iliofemoral deep vein thrombosis post catheter-directed thrombolysis (T)
Speaker:   Jithin Jagan Sebastian, Chennai, India
Mechanochemical ablation versus cyanoacrylate in the treatment of varicose veins (MOCCA trial) (T)
Speaker:   Amjad Belramman, London, United Kingdom
Saphenofemoral stump reflux 900 days after endovenous laser flush ablation of the incompetent great saphenous vein: A prospective randomised study (S)
Speaker:   Juris Rits, Riga, Latvia
Metabolic profiling of biofluids in chronic venous disease via mass spectrometry (T)
Speaker:   Sarah Onida, London, United Kingdom
Outcomes after staged radicle debulking for chronic lower extremity lymphedema using the Singh-Cooper protocol (S)
Speaker:   Kuldeep Singh, Staten Island, United States
A systematic review and meta-analysis of reflux patterns in chronic venous disease (T)
Speaker:   Matthew Tan, London, United Kingdom
A venous stent trial: 24-month results (S)
Speaker:   Michael Dake, Tucson, United States
A novel compression system providing low, sustained resting pressure and high working pressure
Speaker:   Torbjorn Lundh, Gothenburg, Sweden