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Electronic Posters on display Tuesday, 21st April - Friday, 24th April
Venue:   Poster Gallery
The e-posters will be displayed on large touchscreens in the exhibition hall. The screens will display a rolling slideshow of all e-posters and will have interactive menus with the option to find and view individual posters for a longer time. On each day of the conference the e-posters can be viewed on any of the interactive touchscreens. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during lunch breaks there will be selected poster presentations sessions.
Acute Stroke E-posters
Challenging to cryptogenic strokes: Carotid web like a potentially under-recognised source of cerebral embolus (T)
Speaker:   Laura Romero Vazquez, Madrid, Spain
Is the carotid endarterectomy safe after intravenous thrombolysis for acute ischaemic stroke? (S)
Speaker:   Giuseppe Deiana, Cagliari, Italy
Case discussion in acute stroke intervention: Analysis of a published digital case series (S)
Speaker:   Daniel Livingstone, Beckenham, United Kingdom
There is an association between coronary calcium score and progression of carotid disease? (S)
Speaker:   Orlando Gabriel Perea, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Long-term results in simultaneous and staged reconstructions on brachiocephalic arteries (T)
Speaker:   Victor Kalinin, Nyagan, Russia
Thoracic Aortic E-posters
A five-year comparison of medically treated vs. surgically treated type B aortic dissections at a tertiary vascular unit (T)
Speaker:   Isaac Kobe, Stoke On Trent, United Kingdom
Morphological and functional assessment of long-term outcomes of endovascular repair of traumatic thoracic aortic rupture: Preliminary data (S)
Speaker:   Fabrizia Virgilio, Latina, Italy
Outcomes of bridging stent grafts in fenestrated and branched endovascular aortic repair (T)
Speaker:   Efthymios Beropoulis, Muenster, Germany
Impact of collateral spinal cord anatomy on neurophysiological monitoring during thoracoabdominal aortic open repair (T)
Speaker:   Alessandro Grandi, Milano, Italy
Haemodynamic indicator of functional status of type B aortic dissection and of its improvement after thoracic endovascular aortic repair (S)
Speaker:   Jiang Xiong, Beijing, China
Early single centre experience with the Gore TAG conformable thoracic stent graft with active control system (T)
Speaker:   Ahmed Aourbakr-Esedik Bakr, Coventry, United Kingdom
Use of the Viabahn balloon expandable stent graft in the treatment of the innominate artery obstructive lesions (T)
Speaker:   Andrea Xodo, Padova, Italy
Hoarseness due to left recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy in arch aneurysm is not a compressive symptom (T)
Speaker:   Vineeth Kumar, Thiruvananthapuram, India
Utility of endodebranching for failed prior repairs (S)
Speaker:   Patrick Kelly, Sioux Falls, United States
Efficacy and safety of heparinisation before deployment of endograft for blunt traumatic aortic injury in severely injured patients (S)
Speaker:   Vladimir Makaloski, Bern, Switzerland
Endovascular treatment of post-dissecting thoracic and thoracoabdominal aneurysms with candy-plug technique or fenestrated endografts (T)
Speaker:   Simone Salvati, Milan, Italy
Abdominal Aortic
Multicentric evaluation of radiation exposure in superior mesenteric artery stenting: Impact of awareness on radiation safety and dedicated extra-low dose protocol (T)
Speaker:   Iannis Ben Abdallah, Paris, France
Association of SARC-F score and Rockwood Clinical Frailty Index with CT-derived muscle mass in patients with aortic aneurysms (T)
Speaker:   Kathryn Brown, Tamworth, United Kingdom
Outcomes after contemporary elective EVAR - 13-year experience of a single NHS trust (T)
Speaker:   Lisa Rampersad, Brighton, United Kingdom
Laser-made (in situ laser fenestration) for treatment of type 1A endoleak (S)
Speaker:   Marek Majewski, Creteil, France
Is the presence of proximal neck thrombus a predictor of poor long term outcome following transrenal endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair? (T)
Speaker:   Sivaram Premnath, Derby, United Kingdom
Mechanical thromboaspiration and relining with covered stent of an occluded renal artery bridging stent after branched endovascular aortic repair (S)
Speaker:   Maria Antonella Ruffino, Turin, Italy
Using polymer-based sealing for endovascular treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms with hostile neck features - short- to mid-term results of a single centre (S)
Speaker:   Chun Ling Patricia Yih, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Use of uncovered E-XL nitinol stent in combination with TEVAR and complicated EVAR and highly angulated necks (S)
Speaker:   Rolf Dammrau, Merzenich, Germany
Impact of left renal vein division during abdominal aortic aneurysm surgery on immediate and long-term renal function - prospective non randomised study from a large volume tertiary care centre (T)
Speaker:   Harishankar Ramachandran Nair, Trivandrum, India
CD40L & CD105 as predictive biomarkers for abdominal aortic aneurysm development: A pilot study using a murine model (T)
Speaker:   Kyriaki Kakavia, Athens, Greece
A new closure device - how to close large bore sheaths with a single device, leaving nothing behind (S)
Speaker:   Rex Teeslink, Augusta, United States
Localised aortic primary stenting for focal aortic stenosis; review of nine patients with short-term outcome (T)
Speaker:   Mohamed Ismail, Cairo, Egypt
Autologous superficial femoral vein graft used for replacement of infected aortic prosthetic grafts and in high infection-risk cases (S)
Speaker:   Robert Staffa, Brno, Czech Republic
Case and technique specific preoperative planning using a 3D printer for complicated aortoiliac pathologies (S)
Speaker:   Hiroshi Mitsuoka, Shizuoka, Japan
Hybrid laparoscopic endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair (T)
Speaker:   Elda Chiara Colacchio, Padova, Italy
Early and mid-term outcome after use of the large balloon expandable BeGraft aortic stent graft system for infrarenal aortic pathologies (S)
Speaker:   Vladimir Makaloski, Bern, Switzerland
The efficacy of lumbar artery embolisation with or without patent IMA during endovascular abdominal aneurysm repair (S)
Speaker:   masami shingaki, Hakodate, Japan
Type IV endoleak after endovascular treatment for bilateral iliac artery aneurysm with arteriovenous fistula: A case report (S)
Speaker:   Ta-Wei Su, Taoyuan, Taiwan
Management of mycotic aneurysms of the aorta and iliac arteries: A 30 years' single-centre experience (T)
Speaker:   Simona Sica, Rome, Italy
EVAR practice in the UK and NICE draft guidelines - a medical ethics' perspective (T)
Speaker:   Benjamin Armon, Newcastle, United Kingdom
Treatment of mycotic aneurysms using endovascular aneurysm sealing
Speaker:   Amandeep Pahal, Willenhall, United Kingdom
Endovascular reconstruction of infra- and juxtarenal aortic occlusion with kissing covered stents: A single-centre experience (T)
Speaker:   Claudia Panzano, Siena, Italy
Colonic ischaemia after endovascular aortic repair (T)
Speaker:   Aita Sommerau, Chur, Switzerland
Preoperative echocardiograms are poor predictors of cardiac-related morbidity and mortality after a major limb amputation; delaying surgery to obtain one is associated with poorer outcomes (T)
Speaker:   Arsalan Wafi, London, United Kingdom
Perioperative diabetic management in major lower limb amputation - A retrospective review (T)
Speaker:   Bhavna Ramachandran, Cambridge, United Kingdom
The strict adherence to the indications for endovascular repair of the popliteal artery aneurysm-warranty of the long term success (T)
Speaker:   TBA
Surgical managment of carotid body tumors: 3 case reports (T)
Speaker:   Filipa Jacome, Porto, Portugal
Covered stents, bare-metal stents or angioplasty for common iliac artery in-stent restenosis: A retrospective comparison (S)
Speaker:   Joost Bekken, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Results of endovascular treatment of critical ischaemia due to exclusive infrapopliteal disease (T)
Surgical revascularisation using an autogenous vein in patients with popliteal artery injury: Lessons learned from 11 consecutive cases (S)
Speaker:   Young Sun Yoo, Gwangju, Korea, Republic of
An assessment of the accuracy of detection for external iliac artery and common iliac arterial stenosis by ultrasound versus magnetic resonance imaging (S)
Speaker:   Gavin Hope, Gateshead, United Kingdom
Axillary artery pseudoaneurysm after Kirschner needle placement in a shoulder dislocation with concomitant fracture (T)
Speaker:   Rocio Vazquez Perez, Leon, Spain
Beneficial effects of alprostin in patients with critical limb ischemia with peripheral arterial disease (T)
Speaker:   Pratiksha Shah, Brampton, Canada
Using maximal systolic acceleration to diagnose and assess the severity of peripheral arterial disease in a flow model study (T)
Speaker:   Jeroen Brouwers, Den Haag, Netherlands
Remote ischaemic preconditioning attenuates cardiac biomarkers during vascular surgery: A randomised clinical trial (S)
Speaker:   Jaak Kals, Tartu, Estonia
Operating room inefficiency: Time for surgeons to take back control (S)
Speaker:   Lilly Liu, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Fitting with a prosthesis following major lower limb amputation is associated with improved survival (T)
Speaker:   Manoj D. Nair, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Is tibial angioplasty outcome different for diabetic vs. non-diabetic: A retrospective review (T)
Speaker:   Terri-Ann Russell, Northampton, United Kingdom
Thromboangiitis obliterans: Aggressive angioplasty provides a potential solution (S)
Speaker:   Mosaad Soliman, Mansoura, Egypt
Safety and efficacy of covered endovascular reconstruction of the aortic bifurcation technique for relining of failed aortoiliac stenting: A single-centre experience (S)
Speaker:   Maria Antonella Ruffino, Turin, Italy
Erectile dysfunction and peripheral vascular disease: Arterial inflow therapy (T)
Speaker:   Shanka Benaragama, Colchester, United Kingdom
Hybrid treatment of the aortoiliac tract: The key to improve outcomes for TASC C and D lesions? (S)
Speaker:   Michele Aronici, Cuneo, Italy
Name that tune - accuracy of interpreting hand-held doppler audio signals in the assessment of peripheral arterial circulation (T)
Speaker:   Mohamad Kamarizan, Wrexham, United Kingdom
The role of tourniquets in transtibial amputation for peripheral vascular disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis (S)
Speaker:   David Cagney, Cork, Ireland
Hybrid procedure in patients with critical ischaemia with common femoral artery and aortoiliac occlusive disease for TASC II D (S)
Speaker:   Simon Papoyan, Moscow, Russia
Risk reduction and dose management with digital variance angiography in peripheral endovascular interventions (S)
Speaker:   Peter Sotonyi, Budapest, Hungary
Are major amputation rates higher in patients without diabetes, where community foot clinics have a “diabetes only&lrquo; access policy (T)
Speaker:   Nadia Clarita Matias, Manchester, United Kingdom
Orbital vessel preparation to maximise dcb efficacy in calcified below-the-knee (BTK) lesions: A pilot study (OPTIMIZE BTK) (S)
Speaker:   Marianne Brodmann, Graz, Austria
Melatonin promotes re-endothelialisation and attenuates neointimal formation after carotid balloon injury in rats (T)
Speaker:   Xuebin Wang, Beijing, China
Toe pressure evaluation of endovascular revascularization adequacy (TOEE): A prospective study (T)
Speaker:   Man Hon Tang, Singapore, Singapore
Challenging rules to innovate in favour of expanding horizons: A new path to use perclose suture-mediated closure system in a safely and effectively way in our patients (T)
Speaker:   Laura Romero Vazquez, Madrid, Spain
The results of treatment of the injuries of the main vessels of the lower extremities during joint forces operation from 2014 to 2019 (S)
Speaker:   Yulia Nahaliuk, Kyiv, Ukraine
Comparison between equal fish-mouth flaps and long posterior myocutaneous flap in above-the-knee amputation (S)
Speaker:   Adel Kamhawy, Tanta, Egypt
In situ reconstruction of infected groin pseudoaneurysms in drug abusers with biological grafts (S)
Speaker:   Vladimir Makaloski, Bern, Switzerland
Role of VAC assisted therapy in treatment of post phelebtic ulcers (S)
Speaker:   Hesham Aly Mohamed Sharaf Eldin, Mansoura, Egypt
Improve tissue pressure readings via reduction of injected fluid volume (S)
Speaker:   Andreas Nilsson, Herrljunga, Sweden
Management of acute bleeding varicose veins (S)
Speaker:   Adel Kamhawy, Tanta, Egypt
Does MOCA add much to catheter-directed sclerotherapy in treating axial varicosities? (T)
Speaker:   Sohiel Nagib, Alexandria, Egypt
Non thrombotic iliac vein lesions: Incidence and clinical significance - a prospective study (T)
Speaker:   Nikolaos Arkoudis, Athens, Greece
Jugular bulb abnormalities associated with phelebectasia in patients with Meniere’s disease: Novel surgical approach (T)
Speaker:   Mosaad Soliman, Mansoura, Egypt
In chronic venous insufficiency dermasscopy has the potential to identify patients with skin changes early (S)
Speaker:   Ajay Dabas, Bengaluru, India
Foam sclerotherapy guided by non-touch laser for management of bleeding scrotal angiokeratoma (S)
Speaker:   Adel Kamhawy, Tanta, Egypt
Patterns of pathological venous reflux in patients with skin changes due to primary venous disease in North India (T)
Speaker:   Prashant Jain, Delhi, India
Treatment of lower limb varicose vein: Is endovenous chemical ablation and trendlenberg’s operation (eCAT) cost-effective (S)
Speaker:   Walied Khereba, al-sharkia, Egypt
Relative pressure drop - a new suggested measure of sustained compression (S)
Speaker:   Torbjorn Lundh, Gothenburg, Sweden
Acute upper extremity deep vein thrombosis-effectiveness of SVC filter (T)
Speaker:   Sohiel Nagib, Alexandria, Egypt
Transpedal lipiodol-based lymphangiography (LA) with or without percutaneous sclerotherapy (ST) as essential tool to cure therapy-refractory lymphatic fFistula (LF) after radical inguinal lymphadenectomy in patients with malignant melanoma (T)
Speaker:   Florian Offensperger, Stuttgart, Germany
Assessment of the quality-of-life, pain, anxiety and depression in patients with Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome (T)
Speaker:   Calver Pang, London, United Kingdom
Viscous biomatrix sclerofoam for large recurrent varices with two-year follow-up (S)
Speaker:   Johann Christoph Ragg, Berlin, Germany
Hyaluronan valvuloplasty: Double gel technique and safety cannulas (S)
Speaker:   Johann Christoph Ragg, Berlin, Germany
In endovascular era, do the venous stents make difference in management of (chronic) ilio cava venous occlusive disease? (S)
Speaker:   Alaaeldin Saad, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Single-centre series of mechanochemical endovenous ablation for treatment of symptomatic varicose veins (T)
Speaker:   Ewa Zywicka, London, United Kingdom
Vascular Access
First vascular access planning - is dialysis a determining factor in the choice of the type of vascular access? (T)
Speaker:   Evelise Pinto, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Plication and banding with external support stent in two stages of a giant aneurysmal arteriovenous fistula (T)
Speaker:   Beatriz Martinez Turegano, Madrid, Spain
Impact of isometric exercise in adolescents with end-stage kidney disease and unsuitable vessels for an autologous arteriovenous fistula (S)
Speaker:   Maria Belen Ramirez Senent, Madrid, Spain
Endovascular management for salvage of failing arteriovenous fistula (T)
Speaker:   Mohamed Ismail, Cairo, Egypt
Role of diagnostic central venogram prior to arteriovenous fistula creation in chronic kidney disease patients (S)
Speaker:   Mustafa Razi, Hyderabad, India
Role of angiojet in vascular access salvage and thrombolysis (T)
Speaker:   Mohamed Ismail, Cairo, Egypt
Role of stenting of cephalic arch for salvage of AVF (T)
Speaker:   Mohamed Ismail, Cairo, Egypt
Assisted-primary patency of autogenous AVF following endovascular treatment with their long-term survival (T)
Speaker:   Ali Kordzadeh, Broomfield, United Kingdom