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CX Aortic News

CX Aortic Vienna—now less than 4 weeks away!

Afshin Assadian (Vienna, Austria), current president of the Austrian Society for Vascular Surgery, Alexander Zimmermann (Zurich, Switzerland) and Roberto Chiesa (Milan, Italy) share what to expect from the upcoming CX Aortic Vienna LIVE Virtual [...]

CX Aortic Vienna 2020-Top reasons to attend

Top reasons to attend CX Aortic Vienna 2020:  The inaugural CX Aortic Vienna will focus on the entire aorta, from the valve to iliac arteries CX Aortic Vienna will focus on the thoracic, infrarenal [...]

Look ahead to CX Aortic Vienna in September

Roger Greenhalgh (London, UK) invites you to CX Aortic Vienna, which will run from 8–11 September 2020. The programme will cover open and endovascular aortic interventions from the aortic valve to the iliac arteries. All known [...]

Aorta to take centrestage and “starring role” at CX Aortic Vienna

Roberto Chiesa (Milan, Italy) invites you to the inaugural CX Aortic Vienna Virtual Conference (8–11 September). The conference will focus on cardiovascular aortic advances and classical open and endovascular solutions. The aorta, notes Chiesa, will play the “starring [...]

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