Live Session Moderator Instructions

There will be scheduled rehearsal time for moderators with the CX team prior to your session. Please ensure you have attended a rehearsal before your speaking slot.

  • Please read this document and view the supporting video demonstrating the process
  • If you are unable to attend any rehearsals, the supporting video and the steps below will help
  • Please ensure we have a mobile number on which we can contact you in the event of an emergency (email

How the session will be run

  • The Anchor/Chairman will introduce the session, the moderator(s) and the speakers, before calling for the first presentation of that session. The presentations themselves are pre-recorded, the discussion afterwards is all live.
  • Each session has two moderators, who should take turns to initiate discussion after each presentation (so Moderator 1 speaks after the first presentation, Moderator 2 after the second, and so on).
  • Remind the audience frequently that they can submit questions via the platform. There is a short delay (15 seconds) between the live Zoom call you will be on and what the audience sees, so be prepared to start the discussion with your own question, as there may not be one ready and waiting. Both moderators will see the questions system and should keep the discussion flowing.
  • Questions can be directed at any of the speakers within your session, however please try not to ask questions to each other – always remember the audience questions take priority.
  • You will also have access to a countdown timer (which we will send you the link before via email) – which you can keep open in a separate browser window. Please keep an eye on this, and be ready to conclude the discussion when it’s time. Please let our AV team know during your rehearsal if you have any questions about this.
  • Some discussion slots include audience polling. The Chairman will announce this at the start of the discussion, and the results will be shown either during that discussion, or during a subsequent discussion slot, depending which presentation the question refers to.
  • At the end of your session, the Chairman will thank the speakers, the Moderators and audience, and announce the next session.

Monitoring the session timer and audience questions

  • You will be required to have a separate window open to monitor the time for each presentation and to see the audience questions and possible messages from our production team.
  • You can size this window to your preference and keep it as a part of your screen where you can easily read the questions. If you have a second screen (e.g. a tablet or second laptop), this is the ideal set-up as you can use this for the timer and the questions.
  • A link with details on how to access the timer will be supplied by a member of our team.
  • The timer will reset for each presentation and will show how much time is left until the next presentation starts. Please pay attention to how much time is remaining as this is a live broadcast and timing is crucial.
  • The questions at the top are the most recent ones, so you may have to scroll up to see earlier questions.

On the day

    • Click on the link you have been emailed for your speaker session. Do check your junk folder in case it’s in there
    • You will be taken to a Virtual Waiting Room
    • Please be patient while the host admits you or messages you with instructions
    • When in the Zoom call please check your view set-up (the icon appears in the top-right of the screen) and select Gallery View
    • To keep your screen clear, select ‘Hide non-video participants’
    • We kindly ask you not to use the virtual background function
    • Use the ‘rename’ function if your name does not appear correctly; please no company or university names

Your set-up

      • Please make sure you have downloaded Zoom
      • We recommend that you connect using a laptop or desktop computer and not a mobile phone
      • We strongly recommend that you use a headset or wireless earbuds with a built-in microphone interrupted and have a reliable high speed internet access
      • Please make sure you are in a quiet room, where you are not likely to be interrupted, and have a reliable high-speed internet access
      • Make sure you have no bright lights or windows, directly behind you
      • Switch off other computer sounds such as email notifications
      • Adjust the height of your camera to around eye level. If you’re using a laptop you can use books to lift to the correct height
      • Please put your mobile phone on silent and any other devices that are nearby

During the call

  • Please keep your microphone on MUTE when you are not speaking
  • In Gallery View you will see a box called LIVE TX, which is the live transmission. When you are pictured inside this box you are live to the audience
  • Your pre-recorded presentation will play in the LIVE TX box and after this you will appear inside the LIVE TX box alongside the Chairman, the other Moderator and any other speakers that are included in your session.
  • The show caller will provide a countdown to going live, so you can prepare yourself
  • When the sessions are live, please keep an eye on the chat box in case the technical team need to ask you a question. Please DO NOT send a message to EVERYONE when we are live as it will show up on the live stream.

If you have any technical issues please contact Saffron Goldup on or +44 (0)7899 798101 or Sarah Clarke on or +44 (0)7958 612188