Stoke Aortic CX Edited Live Cases - Aortic and Carotid Session 1 Chairing: Barry Katzen, Miami, United StatesDiscussant: William Gray, New York, United StatesDiscussant: Giovanni Torsello, Muenster, Germany 09:20-10:00Roadsaver - Carotid stenting with micromeshCase presenter: Arne Schwindt, Munster, Germany / Case Discussant: Stefan Mueller-Huelsbeck, Flensburg, Germany 10:00-10:30COFFEE Session 2 Chairing: Frans Moll, Utrecht, NetherlandsDiscussant: Frank Veith, New York, United StatesDiscussant: Matt Thompson, London, United Kingdom 10:30-11:10Relay - Scalloped thoracic graft to the left subclavian artery and branched arch procedureCase presenter: Joost van Herwaarden, Utrecht, Netherlands / Case presenter: Mo Hamady, London, United Kingdom / Case Discussant: Richard Gibbs, London, United Kingdom 11:10-11:50Treatment of a chronic type B aortic dissection with Valiant Captivia following ascending aorta and arch surgeryCase presenter: Luigi Lovato, Bologna, Italy / Case Discussant: Ross Milner, Chicago, United States / Case Discussant: Jean M Panneton, Norfolk, United States 11:50-12:30ZENITH Alpha Thoracic endograftCase presenter: Geert Schurink, Maastricht, Netherlands / Case Discussant: Eric Verhoeven, Nuremberg, Germany 12:30-13:30LUNCH Session 3 Chairing: Giovanni Torsello, Muenster, GermanyDiscussant: Frans Moll, Utrecht, NetherlandsDiscussant: Dittmar Boeckler, Heidelberg, Germany 13:30-14:10Nellix - Endovascular aneurysm sealing (EVAS) with polymer in the aortic sacCase presenter: Michel Reijnen, Arnhem, Netherlands / Case Discussant: Paul Hayes, Cambridge, United Kingdom / Case Discussant: Ian Loftus, London, United Kingdom / Case Discussant: Michelangelo Ferri, Torino, Italy 14:10-14:50The INCRAFT low profile device introduced percutaneouslyCase presenter: Hany Zayed, London, United Kingdom / Case presenter: Gianbattista Parlani, Perugia, Italy / Case presenter: Jost Philipp Schaefer, Kiel, Germany / Case Discussant: Nicola Mangialardi, Rome, Italy 14:50-15:30Challenging AAA anatomy treated by Endurant IIs stent graftCase presenter: Johannes Gahlen, Ludwigsburg, Germany / Case Discussant: Eric Verhoeven, Nuremberg, Germany 15:30-16:00TEA Session 4 Chairing: Dittmar Boeckler, Heidelberg, GermanyDiscussant: Giovanni Torsello, Muenster, GermanyDiscussant: Michel Makaroun, Pittsburgh, United States 16:00-16:40The Aorfix Endovascular stent graftCase presenter: Robert Beasley, Miami, United States / Case Discussant: John Hardman, Bath, United Kingdom / Case Discussant: Nilo Mosquera, Ourense, Spain 16:40-17:20The E-liac device in complex iliac aneurysmCase presenter: Jost Philipp Schaefer, Kiel, Germany / Case Discussant: Sven Seifert, Chemnitz, Germany 17:20-18:00Control of infection with prosthetic grafts: added value of INTERGARD SYNERGYCase presenter: Jean-Paul de Vries, Nieuwegein, Netherlands / Case Discussant: Xavier Berard, Bordeaux, France