Cutting-edge first-time presentations announced 

CX 2020 will host a number of Aortic, Peripheral Arterial, Venous & Lymphatic and Vascular Access late-breaking trials. Register now and get ready to hear the latest in cutting-edge research in the vascular and endovascular space.

Abdominal Aortic Podium 1st

  • US clinical trial results, new evidence and updated outcomes with low-profile abdominal stent graft
  • Long-term follow-up in complex iliac anatomy and hypogastric preservation: The GALICIAN registry
  • Raising the proximal sealing ring with a new AAA endograft – one-year results from ELEVATE IDE trial
  • ESAR in a challenging seal zone can be an effective treatment: Early mid-term results
  • Safety and efficacy in the ZEPHYR study of a low-profile AAA endograft – 30-day outcomes

Thoracic Aortic Podium 1st

  • US and French clinical trial results, new evidence and updated outcomes with hybrid device
  • Wrapping of the ascending aorta as an option for acute type A dissections
  • First results from the European SURPASS registry

Peripheral Arterial Podium 1st

  • ZILVERPASS 24-month results
  • IN.PACT BTK European study: First presentation of the nine-month primary outcomes
  • Mid-term follow-up, safety and efficacy of patients treated with a rotational atherectomy device
  • Drug-eluting stent global data analysis – which patients get better and which do not
  • MIMICS-2 study three-year results
  • Value of a new balloon-expandable stent graft in treating challenging aortoiliac occlusive lesions: Three-year results, advantages and limitations

Venous & Lymphatic Podium 1st

  • Coil/foam occlusion for pelvic vein incompetence: Preliminary results from the NIHR Randomised Controlled Trial
  • Results from the CLEAR-DVT study
  • Twelve-month results from the ABRE study

Vascular Access Podium 1st

  • Multi-institutional two-year outcomes in dialysis access management – real-world evidence
  • First-in-human trial with the new DCB in AV access stenosis