Presentation guidelines for CX Faculty

I am a Chairman of a session – what do I need to know?

Chairmen should introduce speakers rapidly without a long preamble and help keep speakers to time. On both the main screen and on the speaker’s comfort screen, there will be a clock showing the minutes remaining before the end of the allotted time. The bell will be used 15 seconds after time is up to keep the speakers to time as the audience wish. The Chairman should then catalyse discussion between the audience and the speakers. For debates, the speakers each have a rostrum and will stand by it for discussion. The proponent takes the podium to the left side of the audience and the opponent takes the right side. An invited Discussant will appear in the programme and commence the discussion period. Discussion time is 1 minute for one point from the floor without slides. This opens audience participation. Please click HERE to download guidelines.

I am a Moderator of a session – what do I need to know?

The Moderator sits alongside the Chairman.  They are not Co-Chairs. The moderator sifts questions from the audience and selects which can be of interest to the chairman. Spoken interaction is preferred to written, with the help of the moderator. Please click HERE to download guidelines.

Is there a slide template I should use?

Yes, there is a specific template. Please  DOWNLOAD THE CX POWERPOINT TEMPLATE HERE.

To facilitate consistency and to ensure readability of slides, please observe the following guidance:

  • Add your institution logo to the bottom right of the first slide. The CX logo must remain on the bottom left of the slide, as per the template
  • Use the default white font for text on all slides, as per the template. This will ensure content can be read easily against the blue background
  • (If additional colour is needed alongside the white) Do not use black, blue, orange or green colour fonts as these will be too hard to read against the blue background. Please consider readability when selecting font colours other than white
  • Avoid decreasing the font size below 24 as it will be too hard to read

The slides are displayed in 4:3 format, NOT 16:9.

Please try not to decrease the font size below 24 as it will be too hard to read. The slides are displayed in 4:3 format, NOT 16:9.

When do you need my slides?

We will need them at least two hours before your presentation and no later. You can email them to but you must also bring a copy of all the files (including separate video/image/sound files) on a USB stick. Due to the limited time between speakers, the playback of presentations from personal laptops at the lectern will not be allowed. All presentations must be run via our playback system, and therefore we need copies in advance.

When you send your slides, please ensure you include the following in the email (ideally the subject line): Speaker name, day, time and location of the talk, e.g. “Joe Bloggs, Tuesday, 15:06, Upper Main” This information will be on your confirmation letter.

We have over 300 faculty speakers, so this is crucial as it will enable our AV team to quickly and correctly allocate the file.

What formats will you accept?

CX will only accept presentations in PowerPoint format (versions 2007/2010/2013/2016).

If your presentation has been created in PowerPoint for Mac, we recommend you test it in advance using a Windows version of PowerPoint. We also recommend that you use fonts common to both systems (Arial, Courier, Georgia, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS, Verdana) as our playback system is Windows-based.

What do I do when I get to the venue?

When you arrive please make yourself known to the Event Coordinators who are at the Faculty registration desk. You will be given your badge and a copy of the programme. They will show you the speaker ready room where you will agree on the next step together (in some cases you will go and check your presentation straight away while in others you might have to meet later on in the day to do so).

IMPORTANT: Even if you’ve already emailed your presentation please bring a copy of the PowerPoint file (along with any embedded files) on a USB stick, on the day on which you are speaking at least 2 hours in advance of your presentation to the Speaker Ready Room. This is to ensure compatibility of your presentation with our systems.

Can I change the title of my presentation?

The title of your presentation can be changed as long as it has been agreed with the CX Executive Board. Please get in touch with the CX Programme Team,

Can I bring my computer on the day?

Due to the limited time between speakers, the use of personal laptops at the lectern will not be allowed. All presentations must be run via our system.

Can I test my presentation before the meeting?

Yes – the Speaker Ready Room will be open from 7:15am each morning Tuesday to Friday and on Monday afternoon from 14:00. The Speaker Ready Room will be located in a purpose-built room on the exhibition floor, near the Faculty Lounge. Staff will be on hand to direct you.

What if I have put some video/images/animations in my presentation?

If your presentation includes audio, videos, images or animations, our playback system requires these to be embedded within the PowerPoint presentation itself, rather than provided as separate files (known as “linked” items).  This is only possible if the presentation is saved in the pptx format rather than the older ppt standard.  If you are unsure of how to check this, our production staff can provide assistance via email at  Instructions are also included in the Guidance Notes below.  This will be checked by staff in the Speaker Ready Room before your presentation is uploaded to our systems.  Please ensure that you bring a backup copy of all audio, videos, images or animations with you on a USB stick so that we are able to correct any issues with embedded files.

Our preferred video format is MP4 (usually a file ending .mp4 or .m4v), however the following file formats are also acceptable.

File format Extension
Windows Media file .asf
Windows Video file .avi
MP4 Video file (preferred) .mp4, .m4v, .mov
Movie file .mpg or .mpeg
Adobe Flash Media .swf
Windows Media Video file .wmv

Why does CX want to record my lecture?

In order for your talk and presentation materials to be seen as widely as possible, this event is being filmed by BIBA Medical for subsequent internet transmission. We will facilitate the creation and dissemination of new knowledge, and while authors retain ownership of the copyright to their works, we request only that BIBA be granted a non-exclusive right to publish. Speakers will be emailed a ‘speaker confirmation form’ to consent in advance of the Symposium.

What should I be aware of before giving my consent to CX to use my presentation?

Should you consent to your talk(s) being filmed, you grant BIBA Medical non-exclusive rights to publish your talk(s) and to disseminate the talk(s) electronically, and in audiovisual formats. We may wish to disseminate the talk(s) (either in tape form or as a live broadcast), to publish PowerPoint materials, slides and video content online and to otherwise disseminate the talk. Other than granting BIBA Medical the Rights, you retain all Rights, title and interest in the talk(s). These Rights do not transfer to BIBA Medical any title to or ownership of the talk.

Is the CX Symposium open to Press?

Yes. The symposium is open to Press; should you have any queries about the Symposium you are contributing to being open to Press, please contact

What should my speaker biography include?

Your biography should be a short paragraph about your career and should include your current job title and institution. This will not be included in the delegate pack but is required for CME accreditation.