CX Innovation Showcase

The 2019 CX Innovation Showcase brought together a variety of ideas that were set to make their mark within the vascular field. It focused on the “innovation challenges” as part of the CX three-year cycle. In 2020 we will have the consensus update which will bring together the last three years of CX.

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In 2019 the CX audience witnessed the innovative idea of Petra Apell TeXray – the world’s first radiation protection textile”. We were able to catch Petra during a busy schedule to see how launching the TeXray material on the CX platform was a great foundation to start executing.

As a winner of the CX innovation award were you able to gain extra funding from participating in the CX platform?

The reward was certainly recognised among investors as a great achievement and provided credibility to our patented material – TeXray, the world’s first radiation protection textile.

How did presenting at CX 2019 impact on your development of your innovative idea?

The concern about radiation exposure and the need for comfortable protective garments in combination with a critical mindset of the CX audience inspired us to develop an innovative complement to HeadPeace in order to reduce the radiation exposure towards the head even further. We call it MindPeace.

Would you recommend others to submit their ideas to CX?

Absolutely. Presenting at the CX Innovation Showcase will give innovators and entrepreneurs an opportunity to receive constructive feedback from knowledgeable and experienced “dragons”.

Fostering innovation within the vascular and endovascular field

With an extremely competitive market, it can be difficult for individuals to break through the initial stages to launch a product without successful backing. We asked Petra what tip she would pass on to other future innovators for CX and the broader vascular and endovascular community.

“From a philosophical perspective, I strongly believe that diversity is the key to creativity. What I mean is that I think we all benefit from surrounding ourselves by individuals with complementary knowledge and skills; with people who think differently and dare to question the things you do and the things you say. Learning from others will make us more creative and foster innovation. From an entrepreneurial perspective, I would just simply say: focus and deliver what you can with the resources you currently have.”

Dragons’ Den

The Dragons were certainly impressed by all submissions to the 2019 CX Innovation Showcase, with innovations sent from around the world we were able to dissect a variety of innovations focused on:

  • Aortic innovation
  • Peripheral innovation
  • Venous innovation
  • Vascular access innovation.

As physician innovators, you will inevitably encounter hurdles when looking to launch a product for the betterment of patient outcomes. Lindsay Machan (Vancouver, Canada) talks about the challenges he had learned from when starting Angiotech. His hardest lesson to learn was accepting that “large companies do not care about your timetable”.

We look forward to CX 2020 and to receiving innovative ideas for driving better patient outcomes. The Innovation Showcase takes place on Thursday 23 April 2020, the third day of CX.

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