Gustavo Oderich (Houston, USA) talks about the importance of left subclavian artery revascularisation ahead of his presentation at the inaugural CX Aortic Vienna, titled ‘Left subclavian artery preservation during thoracic endovascular repair’.

Oderich also discusses recent developments in the field including the “natural evolution” which has seen physicians incorporate the subclavian artery with branched endografts. There are several trials and multicentre studies in Europe and the US that have shown that these retrograde branches are “technically feasible and safe with low rates of stroke and stenosis, or occlusion of the branches.” Find out more during the full session at CX Aortic Vienna.

CX Aortic Vienna, which will be livestreamed on 8, 9, 10 and 11 September 2020 and include audience participation, discussion and polling, has just received accreditation for 12 EU/US reciprocal CME credits.

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