Roberto Chiesa (Milan, Italy) talks about the importance of his practical HOW TO DO IT (HDTI) approach, the philosophy of which he will bring to the inaugural CX Aortic Vienna and will manifest through a range of “practical videos” showing the “most modern ways” to treat aortic disease.

Chiesa references the importance of aortic centres offering “cutting-edge” open and endovascular solutions as well as the need to consider a patient’s comorbidities and underlying pathology. This requires a “close collaboration between cardiac and vascular surgeons, anaesthesiologists and cardiologists”, he concludes.

20 hours of aortic-focused content

During the four-day inaugural CX Aortic Vienna, registrants will have access to a host of high-quality presentations and discussion from some of the leading aortic specialists from across the globe.

The meeting, which will be livestreamed 8–11 September 2020 to an international, online audience, will include over 80 live (and then on-demand) presentations from more than 70 distinguished faculty, culminating in 20 hours of aortic-focused content.

As well as these presentations there will also be ample opportunity for audience participation in the form of live discussion and polling. Additionally, there will be a quality selection of abstracts, society-led sessions, debates and industry symposia.

So make sure to join us to take advantage of this wealth of knowledge and experience on all things aortic, brought to you live at CX Aortic Vienna 2020. See you there!