Alexander Zimmermann (Zürich, Switzerland) and Afshin Assadian (Vienna, Austria) talk about the “long tradition of cooperation” between the Austrian Society for Vascular Surgery (ÖGG) and the Swiss Society for Vascular Surgery (SGG), who will hold two joint sessions at the inaugural CX Aortic Vienna.

Zimmermann believes it is a “really unique chance” to show that “even the smaller countries” are in a position to provide up-to-date therapies and strategies for aortic disease as well as showing that they are “at the front of academic research in this field”. He adds that one of the highlights across both sessions is the “big focus on aortic dissections” which is something the “viewers can learn a lot about”.

Assadian notes that the programme includes “really top-notch” speakers and topics and explains that attendees can learn from a variety of specialists including radiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons and vascular surgeons. “This multidisciplinary mix where we can learn a lot from each other is extremely important”, he adds.

Zimmermann invites all medical colleagues involved in the diagnosis, treatment or aftercare of aortic diseases to participate in CX Aortic Vienna. As well as “outstanding presentations” live discussions will provide “the opportunity to exchange with world-leading specialists”, he concludes.

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