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CX 2022: Watch the pivotal discussions on-demand!

Benefit from up to 24 reciprocal EU/US CME credits Watch the global vascular field unite on our dedicated CX 2022 on-demand channel and re-live the decisive moments of the event. Highlighted on Day 1, within the [...]

CX 2022: Choose to attend in-person or virtually

We warmly invite our international friends and those unable to attend in-person to London to join us virtually at CX 2022. The world-class programme will be livestreamed and available on-demand, so you can watch whenever you're [...]

CX2022: CX Innovation Showcase

Dear friends, The Charing Cross (CX) Symposium is about delivering world class vascular education, considering the evidence and showcasing innovation. The CX Innovation Showcase is dedicated to highlighting innovation, what [...]

CX 2022: Dr Rob Hinchliffe on Hurting Leg Challenges

“An interdisciplinary problem” CX 2022 will highlight Hurting Leg Challenges, addressing unbalanced amputation rates based on geography, distilling the underlying causes of “hurting legs” and getting patients into the right hands. Be a part [...]

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