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Vascular Innovation Showcase in 2020

CX Innovation Showcase The 2019 CX Innovation Showcase brought together a variety of ideas that were set to make their mark within the vascular field. It focused on the "innovation challenges" as part of [...]

CX 2019: Experts discuss latest findings from the STEP study

Roger Greenhalgh (London, UK) is joined by Fiona Rohlffs (Hamburg, Germany), Tilo Kölbel (Hamburg, Germany) and Heinz Jakob (Essen, Germany) to discuss the latest findings of the Stroke from Thoracic Endovascular Procedures (STEP) study [...]

Type II endoleak with secondary sac expansion remains elusive

Leading experts including Robert Morgan (London, UK), Richard McWilliams (Liverpool, UK), Stéphan Haulon (Paris, France), Tilo Kölbel (Hamburg, Germany) and Peter Schneider (Honolulu, USA) discuss the various approaches to correcting endoleak during CX 2018 [...]