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New Major Vascular Trauma session at CX 2020

This year CX will be launching a new session, Major Vascular Trauma, which will cover vascular trauma practice and bleeding control techniques. Course directors Christopher Aylwin and Ross Davenport have assembled an expert Faculty [...]

CX 2020 Aortic Consensus Highlights

CX 2020 Aortic Consensus Update The CX 2020 Aortic Programme will focus on Consensus in all areas of aortic disease management. The programme will include three days of aortic activities: CX Aortic Techniques [...]

Vascular Access Programme Highlights

CX 2020 Vascular Access Programme Highlights This year's CX Vascular Access programme will focus on an algorithmic approach to vascular access preservation and maintenance. The three days of vascular access activities will include [...]

Podium 1st at CX 2020

Cutting-edge first-time presentations announced  CX 2020 will host a number of Aortic, Peripheral Arterial, Venous & Lymphatic and Vascular Access late-breaking trials. Register now and get ready to hear the latest in cutting-edge research [...]

Future Vascular Surgery Stars with EVST

Abstract submission deadline has been extended to 24 February 2020 As part of CX Symposium, the European Vascular Surgeons in Training (EVST) will be organising a “Future Vascular Surgery Stars” abstract session during CX [...]

Venous and Lymphatic Consensus at CX 2020

We caught up with Manj Gohel, a vascular surgeon in the Cambridge University Hospitals and also one of the members of our Venous & Lymphatic Executive Board for CX 2020. “I am delighted to invite you [...]