Nick Inston (Birmingham, United Kingdom) and Kate Steiner (Stevenage, United Kingdom) members of the Vascular Access Executive Board promise CX 2024 will deliver not only the complex, the new, the innovative, but also the everyday in the vascular access controversies program which now has an additional focus on renal interventions.

One thing that the Vascular Access Executive Board make sure to highlight is the controversies-focus of the vascular access and renal interventions programme and the fact that the issues that arise in this field do so on a global scale.

Controversies in device usage in vascular access

“We have drug-eluting balloons, we have stents. We also have endovascular AVFs, […] which are being used very differently in different countries, with different adoption” says Inston. One of the major highlights of the programme will be the great debate “Endovascular AVFs are a failed experiment” at 09:10 on Tuesday 23 April. Kate Steiner comments “I know where I stand on that and it will be really interesting to see if that changes at the end of the debate”.

International approach to AV access

Closing out the Vascular Access Masterclass will be a roundtable discussion taking an international approach to vascular access problems. This roundtable features speakers from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, The Netherlands, and Australia. Steiner comments “as well as showcasing new technology, it is great to hear from some of the experts in our field about how they manage access problems across the continent”.

Renal Interventions

New to CX 2024, the renal interventions controversies session will take place in Theatre 3 on Tuesday, 23 April at 13:00 – 18:00. Many professionals who deal with vascular access problems, also deal with patients experiencing renal failure which is where renal interventions comes in. This session will cover topics such as nutcracker syndrome and aneurysms that occur in kidneys. “Sometimes you’ll only have to deal with these in a rare occurrence, but actually having experts show their approaches may be able to help you in your practice” says Inston.

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