CX 2024 Executive Board member Stephen Black (London, United Kingdom) discusses his hopes and highlights of the upcoming venous programme at CX this year which is less than 1 week away!

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“Venous disease and venous treatments are filled with controversy, so it’s pretty easy to put together some topics on that” says Black, referencing that CX has once again reached the beginning of a new 3-year cycle of controversies, challenges, and consensus.

Appropriate follow-up in clinical trials

Kicking off the Venous & Lymphatic Controversies programme is the Appropriate Care Controversies session. Black highlights a talk from Steven Abramowitz (Washington D.C, United States) titled “Optimum outcomes and duration of follow-up in acute and chronic deep venous trials” discussing follow-up care in clinical trials.

Debate: Treatment of non-thrombotic iliac vein lesions in C3-C6 disease is supported by the clinical evidence

Speaking for the motion will be Steve Elias (Englewood, United States) and taking a stance against the motion will be Gerard O’Sullivan (Galway, Ireland). Black comments that this debate will be a highlight of the Deep Venous Controversies session as “neither of these two are ever lacking in charisma”.

Pulmonary Embolism — a growing area of treatment

“I am extremely hopeful that we’ll start to see better and better treatment evolve for pulmonary embolism as that space expands in the next several years” says Black. Patrick Muck (Cincinnati, United States), Mahmood Razavi (Stockton, United States), and Andrew Sharp (Cardiff, United States) are set to speak on the topic.