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CX Abstracts 2018 – Submission guidelines

1. General information

We are inviting senior and trainee clinicians working in the vascular and endovascular field to submit an abstract or poster to be considered for presentation at the CX Open Abstract Session at the Charing Cross Symposium – Controversies taking place in London, Olympia Grand from 24‒27 April 2018.

The abstract and poster submission deadline is Sunday, 22 October 2017.

  • Abstracts should be original and of a clinical or research nature. In general, only previously unpublished material will be considered.
  • Accepted presentations/poster details will be published in the CX 2017 Abstract Book, same as in 2017.
  • There is no limit to the number of abstracts/posters a person may submit.

Please note, for this call for abstracts, we are only accepting submissions from those who are medically qualified and practising or training in a vascular discipline.

2. Abstract format

Authors may choose to submit their material in the form either of an abstract for consideration for oral presentation or a poster.

Title: Abstract titles should not contain abbreviations. The title should be no more than 300 characters long, including spaces. This allowance is counted separately and does not count against the total number of characters granted for the abstract body.

Authors: Author presentation requirements are: Author(s) name(s) (First initial + surname) annotated with a footnote for reference of institution, Institutions (including city and country)

(e.g: F Myers¹, B Hammond¹, C Walsh²
1. Department of Angiology, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland,
2. Vascular and Endovascular Department, Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Brighton, UK)

Abstract text: The following guidelines should be followed:

  • Abstracts and posters must be submitted in English.
  • Abstract text should not exceed 500 words (a figure = 50 words).
  • The abstract must be structured to include the following four sections:
    o   Aims
    o   Methods
    o   Results
    o   Conclusions
  • Abstracts and posters can refer to innovation in technology in a defined clinical context but should not contain logos, brand or device names.
  • References, credits or grant support should not be included.

3. Abstract categories

Abstracts should be submitted to one of the following categories:

  • Acute Stroke (including carotid)
  • Thoracic Aortic (including ascending, arch, descending and juxtarenal aortic)
  • Abdominal Aortic
  • Peripheral Arterial
  • Venous (including endovenous and lymphatic)

If selected, you will be invited to present your topic in one of the CX Abstract sessions and be eligible to win a prize or certificate of merit.

We are also accepting abstracts in:

  • Vascular Access

Please note, if selected these will be presented as part of the CX Vascular Access course and will be judged separately.

4. Abstract submission

Abstracts/posters should be submitted electronically attached to the submission form via online. Abstracts should be submitted as a Word document and posters as PDF only.

Posters should be submitted electronically as an A1 (portrait format) PDF document with images and all fonts embedded. Submitting authors should pay close attention to format, layout and images, ensuring that information is presented in a clear and logical manner. Click here for Poster guidelines.

The first author of an abstract or poster will need to complete financial disclosure at the time of submission. Even if no conflicts exist, an attestation to that effect is required on the submission form.

5. Abstract review

Abstracts are reviewed and graded blindly by the CX Abstract Board.

There will be a separate CX Vascular Access Abstract Board for the selection of abstracts submitted in the Vascular Access category.

6. Notification and acceptance

Notifications of outcome will be sent in early December 2017. Presenters will learn more about their presentation date and time and any specific session guidelines after acceptance. Once an abstract has been accepted and the submitting author notified, corrections may be made to typographical errors and incorrect graphics only. Both the Charing Cross Symposium and BIBA Publishing reserve the right to publish accepted abstracts in a supplementary Abstract Book and make mention of the work in any other publications, including print and online.

7. Registration and expenses

All selected authors must register for the Charing Cross Symposium 2018. Submitting authors of successful abstracts will be expected to present their abstract at the Charing Cross Symposium. No changes of presenter will be possible.

Abstracts and posters presenters will not be granted Invited Faculty status.

The registration fee will be waived for trainee clinicians whose abstract / poster is accepted. Evidence supporting the status as a trainee clinician (doctor in vascular training) will be required.

Neither the Charing Cross Symposium, nor BIBA Medical Ltd will reimburse submitting authors for any cost incurred in submitting an abstract or poster or for travel and accommodation costs when presenting at the Symposium.

Unsuccessful submitting authors will be eligible to apply for registration under the discounted early bird rate.

8. Prizes and Certificates of Merit

A first prize of £1,000 will be awarded to the best paper of a fully trained vascular specialist (senior clinician category) and another for £1,000 for the best trainee vascular specialist presented in one of the following categories:

  • Acute Stroke (including carotid)
  • Thoracic Aortic (including ascending, arch, descending and juxtarenal aortic)
  • Abdominal Aortic
  • Peripheral Arterial
  • Venous (endovenous and lymphatic)

Certificates of Merit will be awarded to those whose presentations are regarded by the Board as outstanding in the above categories. There will not be a quota of certificates.

The best poster presentation (in any of the above categories) will receive complimentary registration for CX 2019.

Prize and Certificate of Merit winners will be invited to submit topics for the CX Plenary Programme for 2019.

The best abstract presentation within the CX Vascular Access Programme will be awarded £500.

Marking is by members of the CX Abstract Board under the following four criteria: Originality, potential clinical benefit, delivery of presentation, and how well the speaker engages with discussion.

Prizes are available to the submitting author only and are non-transferable.

If you have any queries regarding the submission process, please contact Oana Gelep at abstracts2018@bibamedical.com

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