CX 2024 Presentation Guidelines

In-person faculty: Preparing your presentation

Before event

  • Slides must only be created in PowerPoint, saved as a .ppt or .pptx file. Screen ratio is 16:9 (1920×1080 pixel resolution), please use the template provided here Click here to download the CX 2024 PowerPoint template
  • Add your institution logo to the bottom-right of the first slide
  • The CX logo must remain on the bottom-left of the slide, as per the template
  • Use the default blue font for text on all slides, as per the template. This will ensure content can be read easily against the blue background
  • If an additional colour is needed alongside the blue, think about the other colour fonts and ensure they’re not too hard to read against the blue background
  • Avoid decreasing the font size below 24 as it will be too hard to read
  • Ensure all videos are embedded in your presentation and check your slide advance and media play build options in the animations pane. No control of video playback/ timeline scrubbing is possible from the stage. If you require to pause your video, please ensure that you include correct media build cues into your presentation. (Guide to video embedding)
  • Separate copies of video files should also be provided for backup purposes if possible (.mov or .mp4 video files will be accepted).
  • No links to external videos (eg. Youtube or Vimeo) can be displayed – please download and embed all content into your presentation
  • Please make sure that all fonts used in the presentation are embedded (Guide to font embedding)
  • Save your presentation as a PowerPoint file (.PPTX)  – Not PDF or any other formats.
  • Important: Name your file as ‘Last name First name – Talk Title – v1’ (if you re-submit replacement presentations – please increment the version number accordingly)
  • Upload your presentation(s) to the dropbox link provided to you. We ask that you submit your presentation(s) no later than 8th April.
  • Check your name is spelt correctly in the CX Symposium online agenda, as this is how it will appear when you take to the stage – inform a member of the organisers team if you need to make changes to your name.

When you arrive

  • Please register at the Faculty Desk in registration, they will direct you to the Faculty Lounge, where our Speaker Ready Room is located, for you to review or submit your presentation(s).
  • Please ensure you attend the Speaker Ready Room in the Faculty Lounge where you will be briefed on the stage equipment, check your PowerPoint and have the opportunity to ask any questions. Please bring a copy of your presentation on a USB memory stick for submission onto our systems if not shared ahead of the day.
  • Please ensure you visit the Speaker Ready Room no later than 2 hours prior to the start time of the session containing your presentation, if you are the first session of the day, please aim to come the day before. Failure to do so could risk you not having the chance to submit or check your slides.

Speaker Ready Room Opening Times

Monday 22 April 15:00 – 18:30
Tuesday 23 April 07:30 – 18:30
Wednesday 24 April 07:30 – 18:30
Thursday 25 April 07:30 – 17:00

When it’s time for your session

  • Please arrive in the theatre, and head to the front of the stage no later than 15 mins before the start of your overall session where you will see Speaker reserved seating. Please make yourself known to the stage management team, situated at the table near the stage.
  • If you arrive after your session has started, you may not be permitted on the stage.

When you go on the stage

  • Please follow instructions from the stage manager/ chairperson and sit at the table in the order that you are speaking within the session

When you are presenting

  • On the lectern is an easy to use touch screen with the facility to:
    • See your current slide & preview the next slide
    • Easily advance and step back through your slides / builds
    • View speaker notes contained within your presentation
    • Use a virtual ‘Laser pointer’ to highlight key aspects of your slides
    • Draw on or annotate your slides
    • View the countdown timer – this will count down from your allotted presentation time to 0.
    • A demo system of the touch screen is available within the Faculty Lounge
  • You will not be provided with any radio microphones, simply use the lectern microphones for your presentation. Microphones will be present at all seats on the top table for the panel discussions
  • Q&A sessions will be facilitated by the chairperson and moderators. Questions from the live audience will come via microphones within the theatre. Questions submitted via the ‘Slido’ will be posed to you from the session moderators.

NOTE: There is no provision to plug in a laptop or give your presentation team to the AV team in the room. All presentations MUST be submitted in advance via the Speaker Ready Room by the registration area.