In yesterday’s plenary programmes, the future of the Charing Symposium was launched with the initiation of live case demonstrations to illustrate key data discussed on the programme. This year, both the Thoracic Aortic programme and the Peripheral Critical Ischaemia programme featured these illuminating cases, which stirred discussion and debate.

The Charing Cross Symposium has a long tradition of providing education and showcasing innovation based on a robust platform of evidence. Beginning in yesterday’s plenary programmes, these key, long-standing features will now be joined by live case demonstrations in order to further increase learning.

The Thoracic Aortic session included a live case from Hamburg, Germany. This case showed a complex thoracic endovascular procedure which served to illustrate the session on the STEP (Stroke from Thoracic Endovascular Procedures) study. This type of complex procedure has never been shown live in the history of the Charing Cross Symposium. During this case, the operators performed a thoracic endovascular procedure on a patient at high risk for stroke due to thrombus on the arch.

CX Chairman Roger Greenhalgh commented that this type of illustration of the discussion will become a “distinguishing feature” of the Charing Cross Symposium in the future.