Juan Parodi (San Isidro, Argentina) gives an opening talk at CX 2018 “Reversal of lower extremity intermittent claudication and rest pain by hydration”. Come to CX on Day 1 to see if it as simple as that! Read the interview below for more information.

What are the limitations of the current treatment options, both endovascular and surgical, for patients with disabling intermittent claudication?

The limitations of the current treatment options—both endovascular and surgical—are that they are invasive, costly, somewhat risky and their associated rate of early or late failure is significant.

How did you discover that adequate hydration might play a role in improving the symptoms of intermittent claudication?

We made the observation that hydrating two consecutive patients suffering from ischaemic rest pain of the lower extremities reversed symptoms in less than two days.

What were the goals of your multicentre study?

Our aim was to assess results after giving 3L of oral water daily to patients with disabling claudication or rest pain who did not respond to appropriate medical treatment. Therefore, we recommended and controlled patients to drink 3L of water a day, excluding patients with a history of congestive heart failure or renal insufficiency. Patients were encouraged to keep detailed records of the water they were drinking. A daily phone call of our nurse reinforced our control of concordance.

What were your key findings?

The differences before and after treatment found in patients who complied with the indication were highly statistically significant. The need for percutaneous treatment or surgery dropped dramatically in our practice since we adopted this new simple and cheap approach. However, the results need to be confirmed with larger number of patients.

What data from this study will you be presenting at CX 2018?

At CX 2018, I will discuss the incidence of dehydration of elderly patients, pre-treatment and post-treatment evaluation of lower extremities blood perfusion and symptoms in patients with disabling claudication or rest pain in whom appropriate medical treatment failed. I believe delegates of CX 2018 should attend this presentation since the information provided by it will change their practice

Juan Parodi will be speaking about this study during the first session of Peripheral Proximal Arterial Ischaemia Controversies.