World-leading vascular surgeon, Stéphan Haulon (Paris, France), who is also a member of the CX Aortic Executive Board, extols the “high-quality” digital educational programme of CX 2020 LIVE and highlights the “very exciting” thoracic aortic and abdominal aortic consensus sessions that will be chaired by a host of other experts in the field, including Roger Greenhalgh (London, UK), Roberto Chiesa (Milan, Italy), and Gustavo Oderich (Rochester, USA).

Make sure to register to be part of our global community to hear about the latest literature and some of the newest and most innovative technologies in the aortic space.

CX 2020 LIVE will consist of 10 live sessions, which will feature audience participation, and run from 16:00 BST/11:00 EDT/17:00 CEST every Tuesday and Thursday, 26 May until 25 June.

This meeting is a vascular education calendar special with complimentary registration. Make sure you register now to participate in the CX 2020 LIVE sessions. Read more on the programme here: