CX 2021 Abstract presentations submission

How to make a pre-recorded presentation

Click here to watch the instructional video

Please use resolution 1080p and encoding mp4.

When applicable, please use a microphone or the microphone of a headset for the recording. This minimises external noises, which will be coming through if the built-in microphone is used.

For the name of your file, use the format: ‘first name last name – topic area – 1’ (the numbers will apply if you have more than one talks)

Record a talking PowerPoint

PowerPoint for Windows Instructions to Presenter (v365)

  1. Confirm your microphone is working in Windows Settings, System, Sound, Input, Test your microphone
  2. Open your Presentation in PowerPoint
  3. Go to Slide Show tab and select Record Slide Show, Record from the beginning…
  4. Select the red Record button and after the countdown begin your presentation
  5. Audio is recorded to each slide. Do not talk while transitioning between slides
  6. On completion, select the grey Stop button
  7. Replay the narration to ensure you are happy with the result or Clear to begin again
  8. To create the video, close the recording window and select File, Export, Create a Video
  9. Ensure the default values of Full HD (1080p) and ‘Use Recorded Timings and Narrations’ are set
  10. Click Create Video and enter the filename as per email instructions, then click Save
  11. The recording will be saved in the background, progress is shown at the bottom of the PowerPoint window
  12. Playback the new .mp4 file and ensure the presentation is how you want it

CX 2021 PowerPoint Template

To facilitate consistency and to ensure readability of slides, please observe the following guidance:

  • Add your institution logo to the bottom right of the first slide. The CX logo must remain on the bottom left of the slide, as per the template
  • Please create your template for a 16:9 ratio screen, as per the template
  • Use the default white font for text on all slides, as per the template. This will ensure content can be read easily against the blue background
  • (If an additional colour is needed alongside the white) Do not use black, blue, orange or green colour fonts as these will be too hard to read against the blue background. Please consider readability when selecting font colours other than white
  • Avoid decreasing the font size below 24 as it will be too hard to read

Download here