This year, we aim to reach consensus on renal interventional and vascular access issues. With the help of a world-class faculty, we will be leading a one day vascular access masterclass and workshop in London, which is the largest in Europe. We spoke with CX executive board members, Nick Inston (Birmingham, UK) and Kate Steiner (Stevenage, UK) about what they are looking forward to at CX 2023.

“Please come and join us for a full day’s discussion on dialysis access including the latest in research, in innovation, education and the latest cutting-edge evidence.”

What to expect at the Vascular Access Masterclass:

  • New data, trials, research and imaging
  • New directions for vascular access
  • Future of optimal kidney care
  • Renal artery management
  • Advances in imaging
  • AND a dedicated Vascular Access Workshop area run in parallel to the Masterclass.

The day will be packed full of exciting sessions focusing on a variety of vascular access issues, time for networking with peers and the opportunity to participate in consensus discussions.

Join Kate, Nick and the rest of the CX Community by registering today!

High-cost devices in times of austerity:

  • The evidence has been analyzed: apply the guidelines – KDOQI update

Innovation and Evidence: 

  • Is evidence reliable? Lessons from AVGs
  • There is too much evidence? – DEBs
  • The need for more evidence: PAVE 2
  • EndoAVF – do new definitions create new data?

Patient Focused Care: 

  • The VA treatment algorithm, and patient based choices

Monitoring and Surveillance:

  • Access monitoring – the Flow trial
  • Are we ready for patient monitoring devices – The NHS vision
  • Impact of Inova Health System, a US model
  • Surveillance without intervention is useless

New Data, Trials, Research and Updates:

  • VasQ: external supprt results in better outcomes and cost effectiveness
  • AccEss Study : anasthesia is important
  • FIH trial of their aXess graft for dialysis

  • Comparison between devices in daily practice
  • The Pathfinder – progress on locator directed minimally invasive fistula formation
  • Velocity – a new endoAVF device

Stents and Balloons:

  • Medtronic IN.PACT AV Access trial – 3 Year Data Release
  • Rob Jones/Sam Walker,
    Birmingham Cephalic arch stenting – does the position matter?
  • Thrombosed access – a  real world approach
  • Sirolimus for fistula maturation – the Access 2 study

Advances in Imaging:

  • High frequency imaging: the TTFM probe
  • Vector Flow imaging

Right Access, Right Time, Right Patient:

  • Edited Case: Is transradial the new approach for peripheral artery treatment