CX 2023 is seeking to reach venous and lymphatic consensus on topics related to the superficial, deep and pelvic veins as well as venous ulcers and lymphatics. Reaching consensus this year will round out our three-year cycle of controversies, challenges and consensus. Topics will be addressed by the world-class CX faculty alongside expert audience participation, polling in order to reach venous and lymphatic consensus after discussion.

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CX Executive Board member Manj Gohel (Cambridge, UK) emphasises that this year has seen many important new guidelines, new trials and lots of advances in the venous world which will be examined under the microscope at CX 2023.

A sneak peek at the Venous & Lymphatic programme:

Appropriate Venous Care Consensus:

  • Creating consensus in venous disease management
  • US vs. EU venous guidelines
  • How to have success as a venous specialist

Deep Venous Consensus:

  • How to avoid venous stent migration
  • Best use of imaging for deep venous interventions
  • Overview of various thrombectomy options

Superficial Venous Consensus:

  • Creating consensus on perforator use
  • Comparison of radiofrequency endovenous ablation modalities
  • Creating consensus on therapy for post endovenous procedures

Venous Ulcer and Lymphatic Consensus:

  • Management options for lymphoedema and phlebolymphoedema
  • Medication use for patients with swollen legs and venous leg ulceration
  • How to assess patients with venous leg ulcerations

Pelvic Venous Consensus:

  • ​Pregnancy and venous and iliac interventions
  • Best practices for intervention for patients with pelvic venous reflux
  • How to assess and treat pelvic venous reflux

The full programme will be released shortly, check out the at-a-glance programme here. Don’t miss hands-on learning opportunities and case studies on offer at the venous workshops! “We look forward to seeing you in London, come join us!”