No more freestyling, reset your endovascular CLTI practice with new Level 1 evidence

Andrew Bradbury (Birmingham, UK) and the BASIL-3 team of triallists will be presenting, for the very first time, the results of this long-awaited, only fully publicly funded randomised controlled trial (RCT) at CX 2024 (23–25 April, London, UK).

This is your chance to discover which endovascular revascularisation strategy wins in the disputed femoropopliteal segment.

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Is plain balloon angioplasty (plus bail-out bare metal stent) still the go-to endovascular treatment choice? Will drug-coated balloons (plus bail-out bare metal stent ) seal their place in the top spot? Will drug-eluting stents make their mark?

“It’s a very controversial area. And although these drug devices have been in practice for probably 15 years now and certainly the last 10 years, it’s been a rocky road for them. […] They’re actually very different technologies. So, when we set up BASIL-3, we thought it was very important to have a three-arm trial so that we could compare these three different endovascular strategies. And, we’ve been able to do that; we’ve recruited to target, observed more than the required primary endpoints and at 90% power. We have very complete, virtually 100%, follow-up data on the primary outcome, which is amputation-free survival. So, we think they’re good-quality data, and we look [forward] very much to presenting them for the first time at the Charing Cross meeting in April,” Bradbury says.

Don’t miss the data reveal from BASIL-3, a multicentre randomised controlled trial of clinical and cost-effectiveness of three alternative revascularisation strategies for the management of severe limb ischaemia due to femoropopliteal disease.

This podium first is part of the inaugural Roger M Greenhalgh Late-Breaking Trials Session in the Peripheral Arterial Controversies Programme on Tuesday, 23 April.

BASIL-3 Podium First Presentation
Time: 16:10 
Location: Theatre 1
Date: Tuesday 23 April 2024

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