Manj Gohel (Cambridge, UK) and member of the Venous Executive Board parachutes straight into the CX Venous and Lymphatics Controversies Programme to highlight the VenaSeal SPECTRUM programme, SAVVE trial and SYNCHRONOUS trial, which will all present results for the very first time to an international audience at the Charing Cross International Symposium 2024 in April in London, UK.

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The VenaSeal SPECTRUM programme is a large multicentre series of trials with component randomised arms comparing cyanoacrylate glue with thermal ablation, and surgical stripping. The SAVVE trial is a prospective study looking at the role of a bioprosthetic valve in patients with deep venous reflux and the SYNCHRONOUS trial examines prophylactic ablation of the anterior accessory saphenous vein.

“An unbreakable rule in superficial venous treatment is not to treat a vein that is not refluxing. And this really is being challenged in the SYNCHRONOUS trial. In this study, patients with great saphenous reflux and a non-refluxing anterior accessory saphenous vein have been treated with ablation prophylactically of the anterior saphenous vein. Is there a role in protecting future recurrence or not? We’re going to hear for the first time in the latest data at Charing Cross 2024,” Gohel explains.

Early thrombus removal in pulmonary embolus

“There is a specific section covering the aggressive treatment of pulmonary embolus with early thrombus removal strategies. This is a really exciting and novel area, and for the first time we’ve got the technologies to really allow us to remove thrombus early in these challenging, complex, and often very sick patients,” avers Gohel.

Location: Theatre 2

Date: Wednesday 24 April 2024

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