“I think the Charing Cross programme has worked very hard to make a comprehensive and up-to-date consensus on what we have available to us now, what we know now and where we are going.”

This week we sat down with Executive Board member and vascular surgeon Erin Murphy (Charlotte, United States) to talk about the upcoming Venous programme at Charing Cross 2023. Dr. Murphy emphasises that the venous space is still being defined and is “making huge leaps and bounds on a yearly basis.” She highlights a number of sessions to look out for which will be featured at CX 2023.

CX 2023 Venous Programme Highlights:

Podium First: Spectrum study programme – 30 day primary endopoint results: Medical adhesive closure – Presented by Manj Gohel (Cambridge, UK) and followed by audience participation and discussion.

Dr. Murphy comments “this is a trial looking at the medical adhesive closure versus surgical stripping. I think that the data should support the direction that the field is going and I think we are going to see positive results from this trial but it is a first-to-podium so we will have to wait until he releases those results.”

Strategies for avoiding venous stent migration – Presented by Gerard O’Sullivan (Galway, Ireland) and followed by audience participation and discussion.

Dr. Murphy says of Dr. O’Sullivan “[he] brings not only tremendous skill but also a wealth of experience – he has been doing this for a very long time and he treats very complicated cases, and certainly he always brings his personality and charisma to the stage which makes him an excellent teacher as well.”


This full-length interview, which is available now on CX Vascular, dives into topics related to; the evolution of superficial disease management, the transition from laser to radiofrequency, the use of foam as a closure tool and, the importance of scanning at the diagnostic stage among other fascinating topics.

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