Stephen Black (London, UK), member of the CX Programme Organising Board, speaks about the current challenges in the treatment of deep venous disease, key developments in the field, and factors influencing outcomes in venous stenting.

Stephen Black

Stephen Black

What are the major challenges treating deep venous disease?
We need to improve our data on deep venous disease treatment, particularly regarding long-term outcomes and patient selection. Patency alone is not good enough. We also need to focus on the significance of the problems that post-thrombotic syndrome causes in quality of life and work out how to best represent this.

Techniques to treat deep vein thrombosis are still fairly new; compared to data presented at CX 2015, are there any key developments in this field?
Yes. We are seeing for the first time data presented on the new venous stents as well as developments in our understanding of IVUS and other adjunctive techniques. I think we will see a big focus on lysis techniques in the next year as well as the entry of new stents into the market.

At the Deep Vein Stenting Challenges session of the CX Venous Challenges Day you will be speaking about the factors influencing outcome in venous stenting; could you give us a few insights from your talk?
As data emerge for stenting in chronic patients we have the challenge of dealing with both early stent occlusion and later stent restenosis. Very rarely this is a problem with the stent— apart from technical issues usually relating to poor deployment—so our challenge is to understand the factors impacting on thrombus formation and flow in stents. Particularly, flow is hard to measure before and after stent treatment and appears to be a very significant component of why stents fail. Managing clotting is also complex. I am sure we will see advances in stent design but we need to remember that the stent is only one component of successful treatment.

The CX Venous Challenges Day will take place at the Charing Cross Symposium on Tuesday 26 April – Lower Main Auditorium, Olympia Grand, London, UK

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