The 2019 Charing Cross Symposium (CX; 15–18 April, London, UK) featured an in-depth highlight session on the paclitaxel controversy. With the US FDA Circulatory System Devices Panel Meeting set to take place 19–20 June in Washington, DC, USA, here is a recap from the CX session, which identified the key next steps for the vascular community in April.

Twelve days after the session, SWEDEPAD investigators announced the conclusion of their safety committee analysis, which recommends the halted trials resume enrolment. On 6 June, BASIL-3 investigators announced plans to re-open enrolment, following ethics approval, by the end of September this year.

Watch the video roundup from the CX 2019 Highlight Session, Paclitaxel: The last word.

Filmed onsite at the Charing Cross Symposium (15–18 April 2019, London, UK).