Paul Hayes (Cambridge, UK), Frank Arko (Charlotte, USA) and Fabio Verzini (Turin, Italy) discuss the Valiant Navion™ (Medtronic) live thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEVAR) case at Charing Cross 2019, which demonstrated the use of the new CoveredSeal proximal configuration.

Hayes talks about the accuracy of the device’s deployment around the thoracic arch and why this is “key” when dealing with blood supply to the head and neck. With Navion™, explains Hayes, the CoveredSeal now offers “tip capture, accurate delivery and no bare springs at the front”. This is “a great step forward” particularly for patients with fragile aortas, he notes. The proximal configuration options of FreeFlo and CoveredSeal offer “the best of both worlds” and “will allow us for the first-time to differentiate specific devices to treat different conditions,” says Hayes.

Arko talks about the new low crossing profile of the device and how the 4F decrease in size has benefited patients with small vessels. This reduction in size has “significantly reduced the procedure time across the board for all patients”, he emphasises.

Verzini discusses the design considerations that were made in an effort to ensure the durability of Valiant Navion™. He talks about the neurologic “concerns” post TEVAR and how the ability of Valiant Navion™ to accurately track and deploy at the exact intended location can “lower the risk of detaching embolic particles from the aorta”. Verzini also believes that the Valiant Navion™ device can help physicians effectively treat broad pathologies encountered in TEVAR patients.

This video is sponsored by Medtronic.