For the first time, Day One of this year’s CX Venous Workshop included two edited case presentations (CX Venous Edited Cases). The standing-room only session gave delegates the opportunity to watch two innovative devices in action and quiz experienced surgeons on their top procedural tips.

Chaired by Steve Elias (Englewood, USA) and Lowell Kabnick (New York, USA) the interactive presentations focused on the mechanochemical ablation of varicose veins using the ClariVein procedure, and the performance of cyanoacrylate closure (Venaseal,  Medtronic) of the great saphenous vein.

The first presentation—given by Elias—asked the audience to consider the evidence and indications for non-thermal technologies in the treatment of varicose veins. Taking delegates step-by-step through the ClariVein (Vascular Insights) procedure, the session gave the audience the opportunity to stop Elias at any point with questions. Praising the format of the case presentations, Elias said, “This is a very interactive session. You can put in your two cents, your two euros, or even your two pounds.”

The second presentation, a masterclass on cyanoacrylate closure, was given by Sudip Ray (London, UK). The innovative procedure, he advised delegates, “will become part of your bag of tricks.” The question Ray sought to answer in his presentation was, “When do you bring it out?” Pausing his case video to answer questions and explain technical details to the audience, he disclosed his personal tips and tricks for successful performance of the procedure, and advised delegates on which cases might benefit the most—and least—from treatment with cyanoacrylate closure in place of radiofrequency ablation.

Following the talks, delegates were free to attend dedicated booths for each device in the Venous City, where they could quiz the experts one-on-one and get their hands on the technology themselves.

The “dynamic, informative and well-attended” presentations were a great success, according to course director, Ian Franklin (London, UK). “We were delighted with the interest—we had so many audience questions,” he said, telling CX Daily News that the team were already planning to expand the case presentation sessions for CX 2018.

Today’s CX Venous Worksop will feature two edited case presentations on venous stenting, and two on thrombectomy, as well as a host of new technology stations.