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CX 2023: Innovation and Audience Interaction


Professor Andrew Holden (Auckland, New Zealand) is really excited about the 18 podium first presentations showcasing new data at CX 2023 and uniquely, the interaction between a world-class faculty and expert audience.

Register now to attend CX 2023! Take a look at the upcoming podium first highlights below.

CX 2023: Innovation and Audience Interaction2023-04-03T16:54:53+01:00

CX 2017: Peripheral Arterial Consensus highlights


The CX 2017 Peripheral Arterial Consensus Update Programme will focus on PATHWAYS OF CARE – whether to intervene, when and at what threshold, method and follow-up.

“Over three days (25–27 April) there will be a comprehensive coverage of the most important aspects of peripheral arterial intervention as well as some important new trial evidence being presented […]

CX 2017: Peripheral Arterial Consensus highlights2019-09-09T10:12:09+01:00
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