The CX 2017 Peripheral Arterial Consensus Update Programme will focus on PATHWAYS OF CARE – whether to intervene, when and at what threshold, method and follow-up.

“Over three days (25–27 April) there will be a comprehensive coverage of the most important aspects of peripheral arterial intervention as well as some important new trial evidence being presented and discussed,” says Andrew Holden, member of the CX Programme Organising Board.

Key topics include:

  • Should endovascular treatment be the first option rather than exercise for claudicants?
  • What is driving the shift towards endovascular for acute ischaemia?
  • What are the guidelines for superficial femoral artery intervention?
  • What are the current guidelines for drug-coated balloon (DCB) use?
  • Does “endovascular first practice” alter equipoise for below-the-knee trials?
  • Is the angiosome concept codswallop?
  • How important is speed of revascularisation in the diabetic foot?

As well as first-time presentations on:

  • Podium 1st: 12-month outcomes of standard vs. wider usage of drug-coated balloon – IN.PACT global study
  • Podium 1st: Outcomes of drug-coated balloon with calcification, >15cm, complete total occlusion and TASC C and D lesions – IN.PACT study
  • Late breaking: Downstream coating effects of various drug-coated balloons
  • First-in-man: Randomised trial of drug-coated balloon vs. POBA – 12-month data (RANGER-SFA)
  • Podium 1st: BIOFLEX PEACE – 12-month results of a self-expanding flexible stent in long femoropopliteal lesions
  • Podium 1st: BIOLUX 4EVER – drug-coated balloon and stent in the SFA

The CX Peripheral Arterial Consensus update will take place at the Charing Cross Symposium on Tuesday 25 April – Upper Main Auditorium, Olympia Grand, London, UK

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