CX 2020 LIVE will consist of 10 live sessions, which will feature audience participation, and run from 16:00 BST/11:00 EDT/17:00 CEST every Tuesday and Thursday, from 26 May until 25 June. Make sure you register now to participate in the CX 2020 LIVE sessions.

Nicholas Inston (Birmingham, UK), co-chair of the Vascular Access Masterclass at CX 2020 LIVE, highlights the importance of vascular access, especially in the current climate, noting that renal and dialysis patients have been “a particularly vulnerable group” during the COVID-19 crisis. Thus, says Inston, it is “imperative” to share the knowledge and innovation that “we normally do at Charing Cross”. He goes on to add that new issues have arisen relating to the formation, maintenance and preservation of vascular access, with resources strained in many areas, and that there is subsequently a need for new technologies and approaches.

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