We spoke with Marianne Brodmann (Graz, Austria) who kindly shared her highlights of the upcoming Charing Cross 2023 programme. Dr. Brodmann also speaks on a number of interesting topics including; the value of a transradial approach for vascular disease interventions, predictors of drug-coated balloon efficacy in femoropopliteal intervention, the BEST CLI trial and the importance and benefit of taking a multidisciplinary approach to managing patient care. “I’m a fan of a multidisciplinary team because you can only when when you discuss the patient together because then you have the opportunity to take advantage of the facilities of the other disciplines.”

Featured Peripheral Arterial Programme Highlight:

Edited Case: Is transradial the new approach for peripheral artery treatment

  • When: Tuesday 25 April, 08:00 – 08:05
  • Where: Kensington 1 / Livestream 1
  • Who: Marianne Brodmann (Graz, Austria)

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