CX 2021 Programme

Abdominal Aortic Controversies - Monday, 19th April
Venue:   Livestream 1
Time: 14:00 - 19:30
Potential augmentation of abdominal aortic COVID: Abdominal aortic aneurysm controversy
Moderators:   Stephan Haulon, Paris, France
Gustavo Oderich, Houston, United States
Evidence that AAA has accelerated growth during the COVID pandemic
Speaker:   Ron Dalman, President SVS, Stanford, United States
Assessment of outcome controversy
CX Debate: Device registries and randomised controlled trials under-report patient quality of life and return to normal activities

For the motion
Janet Powell, London, United Kingdom

Against the motion
Marc Schermerhorn, Boston, United States

Standard endovascular aneurysm repair in patients with large luminal space is associated with increased risk of adverse events
Speaker:   Hence Verhagen, President ESVS, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Edited case: Abdominal aortic aneurysm treated with low-profile stent graft and using CO2 angiography
Speaker:   Mauro Gargiulo, Bologna, Italy
Edited case: Expanding EVAR while preserving hypogastric flow
Speaker:   Jan Heyligers, Tilburg, Netherlands
Networking break
Challenging neck controversies
Moderators:   Roberto Chiesa, Milan, Italy
Ian Loftus, London, United Kingdom
Evidence that endoanchors can facilitate and maintain successful standard EVAR for AAAs with challenging proximal necks: From the ANCHOR registry
Speaker:   William Jordan, Atlanta, United States
CX Debate: Standard EVAR can be used in most challenging necks

For the motion
Colin Bicknell, London, United Kingdom

Against the motion
Michael Jenkins, President VSGBI, London, United Kingdom

Edited case: The practical use of endoanchors in the treatment of a hostile neck (ESAR)
Speaker:   Giovanni Pratesi, Genoa, Italy
Parallel graft results are disappointing
Speaker:   Alexander Zimmermann, Zurich, Switzerland
Podium 1st: Systematic review and meta-analysis on accessory renal arteries coverage in EVAR and complex endovascular repair (chEVAR, F/BEVAR)
Speaker:   Konstantinos Spanos, Larissa, Greece
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Juxtarenal controversies solved
Moderators:   Stephan Haulon, Paris, France
Gustavo Oderich, Houston, United States
Podium 1st: BUTTERFLY study - Long-term assessment of bridging stent integrity and flare geometry after FEVAR
Speaker:   Jean Paul de Vries, Groningen, Netherlands
Sac regression after FEVAR
Speaker:   Caroline Caradu, Bordeaux, France
The digital twin: Numerical simulation to optimise FEVAR interventions
Speaker:   Afshin Assadian, Vienna, Austria
F/BEVAR to treat failed EVARs: Making a difficult procedure easier
Speaker:   Andres Schanzer, Worcester, United States
Type II endoleak controversies
The role of pre-emptive coiling to avoid type II endoleak after EVAR
Speaker:   Kevin Mani, Uppsala, Sweden
French SEAL registry update: Type II endoleak treatment outcomes using a liquid embolic agent
Speaker:   Costantino Del-Giudice, Paris, France
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Ruptured aneurysm controversies
Moderators:   Bijan Modarai, London, United Kingdom
Gustavo Oderich, Houston, United States
CX Debate: Emergency EVAR is the standard of care for ruptured AAA

For the motion
Hans-Henning Eckstein, Munich, Germany

Against the motion
Clement Darling III, Albany, United States

Infection and open conversion controversies
Podium 1st: In situ reconstruction of native or (stent)graft aortic infections with antimicrobial grafts
Speaker:   Xavier Berard, Bordeaux, France
Edited case: Open conversion after EVAR: Tips and tricks to succeed in such a difficult procedure
Speaker:   Enrico Rinaldi, Milan, Italy
Making the difficult easier controversy
New technology advancement with fibre optic technology
Speaker:   Marc Schermerhorn, Boston, United States