Delegates attending the CX Vascular Malformations Management session on Thursday 30 April, in the afternoon, will get a general overview of congenital vascular malformations and will also learn about the latest advancements in the field.  

This year, the course will include keynote lectures covering the topics of venous, lymphatic, combined and arteriovenous malformations each followed by case presentations illustrating representative clinical situations. The role of imaging of vascular malformations and treatment options including embolisation, sclerotherapy and laser therapy will be addressed.   

The session, led by Iris Baumgartner, Bern, Switzerland, will be interactive allowing the audience to get feedback from a panel, which includes the experts: Raul Matassi, Matthias Widmer, Joe Brookes, Andreas Saleh and Martin Köcher

The CX Vascular Malformations Management session will take place at the Charing Cross Symposium on Thursday 30 April (afternoon) – London Room Learning Centre, Olympia Grand, London, UK. 

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